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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 13, 2016

September 12-18, 1987

Today Ken welcomes comedian Guy Branum to the show.

Ken and guy discuss the tease of the Fall Preview issue, Rags toRiches, TV Musicals, Cop Rock, mid-season replacements, ChickenSoup, Ted Harbert dating Chelsea Handler, Jamie Tarses, G4, MTV's IWant to be a VJ contest, childhood love of crossing over into theTV world, MTV's invention of modern reality TV, the fame drug, theHollywood Poor, being frozen in a successful year, the move from TVreflecting real life to being totally aspirational, Life Styles ofthe Rich and Famous, PM/Evening Magazine, Operah's trashy past,SNL's Silver Age Cast, the wonders of Ed Grimley, Prime TimeCartoon Preview Specials, Once a Hero, The Days and Nights of MollyDodd, Northern Exposure, prime time animated series, Frank's Place,Moonlighting, Clueless, My Two Dads, Living Dolls, Just the Ten ofUs, Growing Pains, Thicke of the Night, Family Ties very specialepisodes, Justine Bateman, burning off pilots, Dolly, pranksreplacing variety, live TV bloopers, Everything's Relative, Jakeand the Fatman, Twin Peaks, Baby Boomer revulsion, Sacramento's bignames, Julia Duffy, the illogical Emmys, Elvis on TV, Hooperman,Dabney Coleman, Benson, loving Grand, Maude, 100 Questions, beingstuck in the 90s, Facts of Life, Ken's love of Pippa, failed showsbased on comedians, Werewolf, Clip Shows, Writer's Strike, OurHouse, Spenser for Hire, My So-Called Life, the sadness of PunkyBrewster, Duet, Tracey Ulman Show, The Young Ones, Girls on Top,hugged by Dawn French, Ruby Wax, The Gena Davis Show, ALF, Kate& Allie, The Golden Girls, Valerie, It's Your Move, SquarePegs, Will and Grace, The Boogens, Designing Women, Who's the Boss,Mark Harmon, Highway to Heaven, Wiseguy, A Year in the Life,Sledgehammer, Bob Hope, Night of the Creeps, loving Max Headroomand Baby Jessica ruining everything.