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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 8, 2016

July 6-12 , 1974

Today Ken welcomes author Elizabeth Crane to the show.

Ken and Elizabeth discuss when Cambridge was cool, New York editions of TV Guide, having life time subscriptions to TV Guide, Lucy, keeping scrapbooks, All In the Family vs. The Partridge Family, loving Danny, bus station TV, having a TV in your room, the secret origins of Ken's TV knowledge, the importance of context, The Glass Teat, The Cowsils, Union Jobs, people being out to get you at work, M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Pyschomania, The 4:30 Movie, inappropriate relationships with Lou Grant, being distracted by Mary Tyler Moore's dog, Alan Alda: Guest Speaker, Barney Miller, Hal Linden as Captain America, Wonderama, Bob McAllister, bootleg Romper Room, Zoom!, meeting Henry Winkler, Twosomething, working at a talent agency, 11 days as an Angelino, LA vs. NYC, Apple's Way, Leif Garrett, 42nd St, Colors in Times Square, animal slaughter, television sense memory, the comfort of television, 1977: The Coolest Year in Hell, Son of Sam, Plato's Retreat, Basket Case, Lawrence Welk, Polka Culture, Department S, Columbo, The Rookies, Johnny Seven, Kate Jackson's clothing, Book Beat, Boboquivari, Maude, Mary Hartman, Laugh-In, looking to pursue a career in impressionism, disliking the TV schedule anarchy of weekends, Jonathan Winters, Tony Orlando & Dawn, being Charo, the lost age of Variety, Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home, Kojak, Telly Savalis as the Devil, Waltons Wallpaper, Little House on the Prairie, adaptations missing the point, Herbie Day at Disneyland, Merv, Streets of San Franciso, Kung Fu's tarnished past, Dirty Sally, Sanford and Son, US remakes of UK shows, Brady Bunch, Cabrini Green, the heartbreak of burned off pilots, Marlo Thomas' personal Love American Style, the horrification of the anthology, The Odd Couple, Tony Randall, referencing Toma, Yoga on TV, and loving The Walking Dead.