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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 1, 2016

September 12-18, 1992 FALL PREVIEW ALERT!

Today Ken welcomes musician, and all around quality human beingBrett Anderson (The Donnas, The Stripminers) to the show.

Ken and Brett discuss The Heights, The Ben Stiller Show, TwinPeaks inside Beverly Hills 90210 outside, moving from Indiana toCalifornia, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, appearing on Charmed,Jawbreaker, Ken's first meeting with Brett in New Hampshire at theElvis Room circa 1998, not having your music advertise feminineproducts, Yaz, birth control, "We're Not Gonna Take It", exactlyhow you talk to an Angel, the Jamie Walters phenomenon, AaronSpelling blue balls, Herman's Head, studying psychology, Lita Ford,Samantha Fox, Ken's love of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, thereturn of Zubas and the Hi-Top Fade, Bill Cosby's worst trait, how"The Edge" predated Mr. Show, hate watching, loving a B-, TobeyMcGuire's sitcom roots, Whoops, Billy Bob Thorton's sitcom roots,Hangin' with Mr. Cooper's link to Growing Pains, set recycling,"Just You and I", wanting to be Donna, which New Kid on the Blockcan sing for Judas Priest, what happens when you go to sleep, classof '96. The Hat Squad, New Jack Swing, Holiday hostingconscription, obtaining a couch, Super Bowl rights, Paul Reiser, MyTwo Dads, prank phone calls, Delta Burke, the debut of Martin,"Snap Battles", Miton Bearle's Ratt, Gene Simmons' cold Cokeseduction, MTV, cable, The Last Unicorn vs. The Neverending Story,Fraggle Rock, being wrong about Daylight savings, Headbanger'sBall, SNL, Kids in the Hall, Idiocracy, sugaring up for all nightTV marathons, birth control candy, Fifteen, Depression &Anxiety, Scholastic books, Book bus and purple sweatsuits, BJ'sWholesale Club, haunted by Dunkaroos, Top of the Pops, miming onTV, TRL, Madonna as sketch comedian, the music of Double Dare, micface based payments, exercising with Bruce Dickinson, Andrew WK,David Coverdale's sexerly voice, what to do when it's "Too Hot toSleep", Rick Springfield's magical cartoon work, You Can't Do Thaton Television, writing lyrics to instrumentals, and writing a TVtheme song.