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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 6, 2016

September 14-20, 1985

Today Ken welcomes magician par excellence voice over actress Misty Lee and writer, husband of Misty Lee, Paul Dini to the show.

Ken, Paul and Misty discuss Catholic mediation, online ordination, Maker's Mark, keeping the tip, TV 1985, working on the Eworks and Droids Show, Filmation's Lou Scheimer, crushing Chris Rock's dreams, "nyeah neah" characters, Detroit, It's Punky Brewster, Ann Jillian, Jennifer Slept Here, Baby Space Bands, Muppet Babies, Comic Book Talk, the constant need to re-origin, speaking the geek, Hee Haw, Schmoo, Children of the Corn as comedy sketch show, Dolly Parton, Sears WishBooks, pneumatic tubes, Hot tub white castle super bowl sunday, old racist complaints, Airwolf, Golden Girls, Spielberg's obsession with fat shaming children, The Garbage Pail Kids, the secret origins of Aladdin, the changing face of entertainment, owning your own work, The Famous Teddy Z, Ken's "Elvis List", The Ramones, Batman the Animated Series, Clint Howard, Jungle Book, made for tv swears, Melon Farmer, chuckle heads, donut drunk, Love Boat, Fall Previews, C.C. Deville, the power of Greg Proops, misdirection, practicing, magic, complaining about millennials, terrible comedy, and earning your pop culture loves.