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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 4, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actress, all around personality, and former lawyer Lara Jill Miller (Gimme a Break) to the show.

Ken and Lara Jill discuss timing tolerance, loving Nell Carter, starting in dinner theater, working on Broadway with Dick Van Dyke, coming from a Pajama Factory dynasty, growing up in Pennsylvania, loving Nell Cater, doing voice over for commercials, success derived from not having a New York accent, Ain't Misbehavin', appearing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, singing with the Care Bears, Circus of the Stars, Star Games, swimming with Ricky Schroeder, Little House on the Prairie, being loyal to your friends shows, NBC's classic Saturday Night line up, being one of two live shows during NBC's Saturday Night Live event, seeing the string pulling The Jetsons, how a background in theater makes live three camera sitcoms easy, KTTV, being recognized nationally, signing autographs, getting free Vans and Nikes, keeping scrap books, fan mail, going through your awkward years on camera, being set up by The National Enquirer, meeting George Burns, touring nationally, being enthralled by circus life, back door pilots, the secret origins of A Different World, perusing a career in law, evolving into a voice actor, avoiding the common pitfalls of a life as a child actor, riding the wave, having a grounded outlook, living below your means, signing network deals, Little Darlings, telling your Nana about your screen tests, lifetime supplies of free sneakers, teen magazines, memorabilia, performing in prison, living in the social media age, having a unique voice, Blue Bloods, Shades of Blue, and the guilty pleasures of reality TV.