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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 13, 2016

October 31st - November 6, 1987

Today Ken welcomes long time Boston comedy friend and fellow comedian Tommy Rico to the show.

Ken and Tommy discuss Stoneham, Mario Cantone, Nancy Kerrigan, Killer Kowalski, SNL, childhood chaos, anti-ethnic racism in the Boston area, insomnia, horror movies, marital compromise, bring up Chuck, Latinos, local sports, Boston Stand Up, media knowledge, fandom, Burn Notice, young people's lack of historical knowledge, Halloween, TV38 vs. WLVI TV 56, The Legend of Dana Hersey, Force Five, Starblazers, Japanese shows, "Japanamation", living in all three time zones, living with a murderer, The Midnight Hour, Women in Prison, Amen, Joe Piscapo, Dabney Coleman hosting SNL with the Cars and Elvira, The Exorcist, Werewolf, Spenser for Hire, Family Ties, Married...with Children, hormonal viewing choices, classic movie theaters, Hiding Out with John Cryer, 'Night Mother, Raptors, Made for TV Movies, the evils of big Oil, primetime Alyssa Milano, Video Gallery, Petey's hatred of Tommy, Moonlighting, Telemarketers, Hooperman vs. Slap Maxwell, Magnum PI, Sledge Hammer, Cheers, Beverly Hills Buntz, James Bond, WWF, and the magic of I Married Dora.