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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 8, 2016

In today's special BONUS! episode to start 2016 right, Ken welcomes actress, writer, musician and mom Jenna Von Oy to the show.

Ken and Jenna discuss Jenna's status as a frequent point of discussion on the show, Tales from the Darkside, Christmas Episodes, E.G. Marshall, being an old Soul, growing up in CT, the way New York City used to be, how an illustration of the flexibility of Jordace jeans leads to a career in acting, being the anomaly in your family. letting your kids act, the changing face of a television year, The Gritter, Monsters, "Glim-Glim" RIP, having a Goldfish memory of your own work, The West Wing, re-visiting your past via DVD, Jenna's status as the hardest working person in showbiz, Don Reo, working on Lenny and Blossom at the same time, being the one true Six, the foolproof disguise if crimped hair, places your bets on Lenny Clarke, discovering the great untapped resource of teenage girls, normal kids, Warren Littlefield's daughter single-handedly saving Blossom, The John Larroquette Show, awkwardly doing the Roger Rabbit, respectfully homaging sitcom cliches without the snark, Full House as the modern Brady Bunch, coining "A Very Special Episode", The Sassy Generation, opening talking about divorce and drugs, timeless storylines, getting hooked on Melrose Place, watching the Disney Sunday Night movie on a black and white TV as a family, acting opposite Tom Cruise in Born on the 4th of July without knowing who he is, not being a showbiz kid, being a victim of merchandising, what Joey Lawrence's love can't fix, crushing on your co-star, being the hardened veteran, Miss Mayim Bialik, Little Richard's definition of silk, recording a heartbreak album, Joey Lawrence's luscious locks, the wonder of TV theme songs, Parks and Rec, being in Nashville without being on "Nashville", wanting to be on The West Wing, Arrested Development, obsession over the X-Files, the difficulty of a changing business, being a mom, carving out your niche, "Situation Momedy", the terror of Ken's pregnancy, the power of laughter and benign self-deprecation, Blossom's syndication status, TiVo blowing your cover to your children, and how Mommy is a book author.