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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 16, 2015

Today Ken welcomes writer, comedian, actor and podcaster Dana Gould to the show.

Ken and Dana discuss the memories of dark failure that hang over Harvard Square, replacing Steven Wright in Stationary, Boston Radio, having a member of the cars stare you down, Dana Hersey's Movie Loft, WSBK TV 38, Creature Double Features, being a Monster Kid, The Midnight Special, Rod Serling and the Night Gallery, Feep, horror hosts, Reel Wild Cinema, cursed used cars, the perplexing Japanese Box Office, TV Guide as the 70s video store, the wonders of stumbling on things, David Chase and the Night Stalker, Vampira, The Medveds, Ed Wood, Planet of the Apes, the strangeness that is Gloucester, Jonathan Ross, Incredibly Strange Film Show, how Dana's Dad became Buffy The Vampire Slayer, how the world has changed, being best friends with Greg Nicotero, intense Tom Savini, Frank Darabont, Mob City, The Simpsons, The Ben Stiller Show, Willfred Brimley, The Mystery of Kurt Russell, Elvis Presley's Moon Landing issue, Change of Habit, Hoyt Axton, Little Richard's innovations, Townies, SNL, George Carlin, SCTV, and the wonders of Martin Short's tiny hands.