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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 20, 2017

May 11 - 17, 1985

Today Ken welcomes comedian, producer Michelle Barbera (Women in Comedy Festival) to the show.

Ken and Michelle discuss Worcester, seasonal colds, dirty pictures at work, working in the mall, being the TV fan in an academic household, dirty wallpaper, drinking tobacco spit, Papa Gino's, Steven Wright, being a comedy nerd, Monty Python, Love Boat, Network, Computer Dating, Made for TV Movies, being a flipper, love triangles, Letting Go of the romance between John Ritter and Sharon Gless, Moscow on the Hudson, Gimme A Break!, Jonathan Silverman as Jonathan, Hallmark pictures mob inspired marketing Vomit Bags for Mark of the Devil, Elvira, V66, The Cure, WFNX, drinking games, George Michael's Sports Machine, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dallas, political cartoons, The Far Side, outdated dating, The Great Santini, Merchant Ivory, UMASS Amherst's awful music taste, Miss America vs. Miss USA, Charlie Brown, sweeps week, Florida: Mystique or Mistake?, Satanic Panic, The Rats of Nym, Don Bleuth's underrated Disney Run, Z for Zachariah, almost dying, Ralph Baksi, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, WCVB's Chronicle, being a goth kid, the opening credits of Mystery, Highway to Heaven, Bill Cosby: Monster, Family Ties, It's Your Move, Michelle's crush on Jonathan Ward, why funerals might be a rip off, loving the McNeil Lerra report, Garfield's 9 Lives, Heavy Metal, and the move to re-rebrand illustrators as commercial artists.