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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 6, 2016

September 13-19, 1997 FALL PREVIEW

Today Ken welcomes comedian Guitler Raphael to the show. Ken and Guitler discuss the official Team Reid pizza, spinach, Haiti, Fall Preview, sibling bargaining, The Pretender, COPS, Maurice the Pants Man, Garth Brooks, The Real World, Xena, Miss America, Wet T-Shirts, being a bouncer, fooled by strippers, The New England Patriots, The Omega Man, the golden age of Video Stores, Malden, In the House, doing your best to identify with bad TV, the best "black" show, LL Cool J's Radio, Dateline NBC, Football vs. Wrestling, learning comedy via TV, past life regression, Malcolm and Eddie, good business ideas, teenage hangouts, B.L.L.T's, Step Dad murder, Brian De Palma, Breakin' Boobs, Cannon Films, Keeping Up Appearances, PBS, Ken's David Bowie, Toys, wall posters, Janet Jackson, Spin City, Isaac Mizrahi, Sister Sister, Jackee Harry, Smart Guy, .com bubble, cops teaching history, buying stocks, Keith Sweat, The Wayans Brothers, OJ, Steve Harvey, twins causing racism, Must See TV, Living Single, Martin, how Montel Jordan do it, Will Blacksmith, Beauty and the Beast, Fraiser, the sad death of Brandon Lee, Family Matter moving to CBS, Sabrina and the Little People, Boy Meets World, and the illustrious acting career of Shaq.