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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 23, 2015

September 28 - October 4, 1991

Today Ken welcomes comedian Rick Canavan to the show.

Ken and Rick discuss Rick's third visit to Reid Manor, not voting, cartoons, Barbara Bush, Rodeo, The Madison Square Garden Network, Ken's real email, Wrestling House Shows, satellite feeds, Who's the Boss, TV as comfort, new sitcoms on Saturdays, Shark Tank, infomercial nostalgia, meeting Tony Little, door to door salesman, The Topsfield Fair, Cows made of butter, slapping the big old pickle, Black Adder, Women of the Night, The Best of the Worst, Ripping Yarns, special Nurses, Murder She Wrote, Eerie Indiana, blue collar sitcoms, Dream On, Stand up Heavy, Herman's Head, Red Scorpion, Rick's hatred of Action movies, Steven Segal movies being better than Wrestling, Carmen San Diego, wacky acapella, MacGuyver, very special Blossom, Saturday Night's Main Event, Living Coulor, Full House Tuesdays, Baywatch, Vanessa Angel, The Night Stalker, Real People Reunion, NIN, Superman, hating Coach, the worst Van Dyke vs. the worst Van Patton, free surfboards, surfing, ABC's Dangerous Women, WPIX Shocktober!, Horror movies, Friday the 13th The Series, Freddy's Nightmares, Bubble Up soda trouble, The Wonder Years, Night Court, Comedy Club Network, Rick's lack of understanding of the modern world, That's My Dog, confusing Coach for Poltergeist II, Drexel's Class, Michael Olver: Problem Child, Rainn Pryor, Father Dowling Mysteries, Johnny Carson's 29th Anniversary, They Live, Step by Step, Brooklyn Bridge, Ken's hatred of Rod Stewart, Pearl Jam, Dear John, Baby Talk, Car Theft, narration for the blind, and Psycho cereal commercials.