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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 25, 2015

May 7-13, 1994

Today Ken welcomes comedian Emily Heller to the show.

Ken and Emily discuss eating with your mouth full, visiting Boston for the first time, sweeps week, the return of Will Smith's Dad, San Francisco, Gymastics, Breaker High, kitchen TVs, Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, Kid empowerment, Camp Nowhere vs. Camp Cucumunga, what Joey Lawrence's love can fix for you baby, the Little Oscars, COPS, Dave Stevens, The Rockateer, comedians in serious roles, Kids in the Hall, Bachelor Mother, Nancy Kerrigan, the black TV renaissance, Thelma & Louise, Fox-O-Rama, the White Living Single, radio station format changes, The Stand, Evil Disney product placement, Ben Vereen and Zoobalie Zoo, huge orphans, making Nerds in Love for TV, Joseph Bologna, Disney TV animation, Direct-To-Video Sequels, Blossom, Prom vs. The Prom, Rip Torn's real name, baby heart transplants, made for TV madness, the myth of improv, Full House, Little Richard, Rescue 911, Phenom, LIVE! TV, JFK, Roseanne, Tales from the Crypt, JTT's retirement, learning how to have crushes, Virtual Reality, Unsolved Mysteries, The Simpsons, in-Laws getting married, buying things off TV, weird sexy baby dolls "Cute as a Butt-on", Ken's top 90s Sitcoms, secrets of the magic Castle, David Copperfield, Mystery Science Theater Hour, Seinfeld, shrinkage, Fraiser, celebrity voice cameos, TGIF, Bruce Campbell in the Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Family Matters, Boy Meets World, The X-Files, The missing Gs of the 90s, the lighting speed of TV marriage, 20/20, coming back from the dead, and ALL Cheers all the time.