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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 2, 2016

August 26 - September 1, 1995

Today Ken welcomes writer/comedian Ryan Staples to the show.

Ken and Ryan discuss Ken's museum like home, Burger King vs. McDonald's, snake based terror, bag o burgers, Kelly Kapowski, Summer's last hurrah, Ryan's 9th birthday, Are You Afraid of the Dark? marathon, squatting in your own home, Gymkata, why "Pulp Comics" was the greatest stand up show ever, Kids in the Hall, smuggling snacks into a movie theater, Danny Cooksey, hitting on the bass player from Ash, backstage at Roxette, The Simpsons, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, 1986's True Stories, WWF, Summer Slam, Hot Black Boxes, Brian Wilson, when tennis replaces wrestling, Fresh Prince, The biggest event in the history of the world: Alien Autopsy Fact or Fiction, Munsters/Addams Family, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey as the Godfather II of awesome movies, Nowhere Man, The Prisoner, Full House, The Greek Extinguisher, Rescue 911, Nielson Families, Ghostbusters II, Bobby Brown, Vigo the Carpathean as Ken's Middle School librarian, the definition of "a clown", The John Larroquette Show, the Mystery of Comedy Product, Drive-In Review with Buzz Killman, John Tesh at Red Rocks, House Guest, Ellen's grudge, Dumb & Dumber, Outside Providence, Ken's memorization of Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise, Fresh Horses, Newsradio, Mad About You, Clip Shows, TGIF, Family Matters, Ken's hatred of Disney World, TV Nation, Baywatch, Boy Meets World, debating the best Monkee, X-Files, the death of John Candy, and the worst of the 1970s.