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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 28, 2015

February 18-24, 1984

This week Ken welcomes musician, comedian, podcaster, writer and all around personality Dave Hill to the show.

Ken and Dave discuss pizza parties, Double Tree logo issues, Hong Kong prostitutes, inviting yourself on your friend's family vacation, Cheers, Sweeps Week, letting things go, Rebecca vs. Diane, Three's A Crowd, The 1984 Olympics, Figure Skating, Hockey, barrel jumps, Silver Spoons, silent credits, Very Special Episodes, Love Sydney, Paul Lynde's Halloween Special, Variety Shows, adding Glenn Campbell, Siskel & Ebert, hating Mama's Family, Dave's beef with Vicki Lawrence, Airwolf, questioning Jan Michael Vincent's living status, Stacey Keach, Monty Python as palette cleanser, hanging out with Terry Jones, sports, evil twins on Knight Rider, questioning Ken's place on the Autism spectrum, Baywatch Nights, Craig T. Nelson, Super Nights of Rock N Roll, The Boston Bruins, The Who, Mod culture, Roger Daltrey's acting career, Black Emmanuel, scrambled soft core, The Playboy Channel, judging Gallagher, the A-Team, Dudley Moore's concept of time, The Man With Two Brains, O Madeline, The Pee Wee Herman Show, Gary Panter, Mr. Bungle's Giant Cake, Barney Miller, Jack Soo, talking to Abe Vigoda on the phone, Real People, Fred Willard, Baby I'm Back, Sandford and Son, The Facts of Life, Jerry Jehl's filthy stand up comedy, people with disabilities on TV, hot saucing, Ken's connection to the Sausage King of Cleveland,  Night Court, hockey player autobiographies, WKRP, Molesting Dudley, Neptune King of the Sea, favorite Friday the 13th movies, Bloopers, Elvira, Dom DeLouise special, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Taxi, Dean Martin's celebrity roasts, the horrors of 20/20, KISS vs. Menudo, peeing the bed/couch/floor, having someone else pee your bed, Little Caesar's Pizza Pizza, the wonder of chocolate raviolis, Floyd the Barber's stroke, the advent of ironic t-shirts, Hogan's Heroes, Bob Crane, not wanting to be murdered by Willem Defoe, Dukes of Hazard mix ups, Benson, Guillome Emmanuel, Solid Gold, loving Groucho, Webster, Wet T-Shirt contests, Kitten Natividad, getting Indian food with Ronnie James Dio, Sean Penn's stripper, just resting your eyes, literal calendars, military time, and being completely destroyed by a comedy festival.