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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 21, 2015

December 11-17, 1982

This week Ken welcomes sex educator and podcaster Sandra "Sex Nerd Sandra" Daugherty to the show.

Ken and Sandra discuss Air BnB, impromptu flea markets, Christmas Week, Ken's "One Netflix Account to Rule Them All" theory, 1930s wrestling, growing up in Santa Monica, bullying, A League of Their Own, TV Series based on Movies, Weird Science,  Dirty Dancing, the business of show business,  the wonderful gift of head injuries, Out of This World, teenage girls with hidden super powers, the 1980s as the new 1950s, questioning the sexual nature of The Hugga Bunch, wheel chair hatred, the creepiness of Small Wonder, Sally Struthers, why it's not all sex stuff, high school parties, Janet Jackson's "janet." as music porn, crush volumes, My So-Called Life vs. Beverly Hills 90210, sibling TV bargains, Barney and Friends, sharing bunks with siblings, Paternal hatred of David Letterman, Leno, Fallon, Ken's amazement at Mystique turning into him, hi-fivin', Dick Cavet, Graham Norton, "the News", not having cable, forbidden Simpsons, Who Shot Mr. Burns, enjoying the house on Step by Step, Ken's volume of Opinions, TGIF, porn parodies, ET and Friends, aliens, Mork & Mindy, the Red Headed kid from the Sandlot, penis breathe, Sci-Fi, keeping your interests to yourself, Doctor Who, hunting down punk rock clothing at sex shops, Hubba Hubba in Cambridge, MA, cultural hobo codes, time travel, college wrestling vs. pro-wrestling, Sex: Teenage Style, "Someone I Touched", Christmas Comes to Pac-Land, Packies, why "Family Man" may be the greatest Christmas movie, Ken's Christmas special Excel spreadsheets, Facts of Life, The Twilight Zone, why life is nothing without challenge, Deadwood, The Magic Schoolbus, PBS, BDSM, iZombie, falling off the Masters of Sex wagon and Dr. Ruth.