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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 18, 2015

January 7-13, 1978

 Today Ken welcomes musician Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, Folk Implosion) to the show. Ken and Lou discuss being not from Detroit, Iggy Pop, being terrified of murderous hippies, becoming what you fear, torturing younger sisters, Saturday Morning religious programming, Sunrise Semester, SCTV, man's place in nature, late night English TV, German Steam Rooms, Warner Bros, Looney Tunes, dark suicides in cartoons, cats fearing "Happy Birthday", questioning the intelligence of Jimmy Durante impressions, Hair Bear Bunch, hating cheap TV Cartoons, Scooby Doo and it's relation to high fevers, lying geniuses, Jay Ward's store, Superchicken, education through Fractured Fairy Tales, Sid & Marty Kroft, the dark seedy underbelly of underground Claw Machine rings, Caldor Colors, how decades are more than 10 years, the magic of late 70s/early 80s music, New Wave, the eclectic pop charts, Discharge, college radio, Top 40, AM Radio Maps, narrow casting ruining stumbling on things, not hating modern times, Night Flight, Drive-In Theaters, depressing 70s Crime Drama, Three for the Road, Isis (the super hero), Filmation, Rocket Robin Hood, Hulk Theme Song, Canadian Content, Little House on the Prairie, Rape on TV, The White Shadow, James at 15 (16), fear of brain aneurysms, Sweeds, sound checking with the Greatest American Hero, Family Ties, UK songs in commercials. Folk Implosion "Natural One", ending with a "sha-la-la-la", hearing yourself in a Liqueur Store, making it with Casey Kasem, early days of MTV, The Cutting Edge, always having time for Hair Metal, 120 Minutes, SSD, why The Freeze are the most uncool of all the Boston Hardcore bands, Dinosaur Jr, Lou's first TV Credit at age 10, Scrambled Eggs, The Young Ones, High School Quiz shows, Massholes, the culture clash of moving to MA, being on the wrong side of Red Sox history, losing to ringers, the perils of school busing, being confused by The Bad News Bears,  Mass beating the love of sports out of you, roaming gangs of street soccer hooligans, UMass Radio's DaDa Vision, "Why Do You Cut off Your Sleeves", the Western MA accent, teachers thinking you are on drugs or "retahded", making it to your High School Guidance Counselor's Wall of Fame, not doing anything, literally anything, in high school, Negative Approach, Somerville, MA, Boston's North End, the video shoot for "Ocean", the worst thing Lou ever did in his life, TT The Bear's Place, Morton Downey Jr., the bloated mess that was the video for "Willing to Wait", Adventure Time, Alan Partridge, UK Comedy, The Mighty Boosh, Donnie and Marie, being absent from the language of pop culture, Star Wars, seeing things again through children's eyes, The Princess Pride, Andre the Giant, introducing the next generation to professional wrestling, Reading Rainbow and why "The Bindery" may be the best worst song ever on television.