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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 3, 2020

August 8-14, 1987

This week Ken welcomes boxer, world traveler, and fellow comedian, Kate Procyshyn.

Ken and Kate discuss her nervousness, her love of the outdoors, reading, being a Librarian, living in rural Alaska, growing up in Reno, NV, visiting hardware stores, Kate' Yearbook Session, cutting mouths of out photos, Lawrence Welk, movie theaters, working in advertising, staying in cheap places around the globe, Grocery Stores, traveling in Asia, baking, eating Chicken feet, Librarian Conferences, working in a convent in Africa, pornography on library computers, Sex on TV, humping, periodicals, Teen Model Search, cookies, hostels, misdirection, bed bugs, sharing bathrooms, Fraggle Rock, never having seen Newhart, the secret origin of Kate's journey into stand up, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Donahue, court cases, sleeping, playing the violin, Romper Room, gaming, The Little Prince, being terrified of space, Pay Per View movies, Two Person Solitaire and a very rare ALL Cheers week.