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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 5, 2016

October 17-23, 1998

Today Ken welcomes Boston comedian Tawanda Gona to the show.

Ken and Tawanda discuss Tawands'a first trip to Ken's home, thesuburbs, Hyde Park, Wilmington North Carolina, being born inZimbabwe, Fast 5, African bootlegs, never having a real birthdayparty, Atlanta, having parents who are super smartbio-statisticians, Smart Guy, molestation, Ken's Comedy Centraldebut, the wonders of gentrification, Maya Angelou vs. Tupac, whyJanet Jackson is too good for Tupac, Halloween parties, Blackchurches with Koreans, Dirty Skype, long distance cheating, GrowingPains, Tawanda's Leo Theory, Tales from the Hood, Rusty Cundieff,Hulk Hogan, Mad TV, SNL, forging checks to buy Scholastic books,Star Trek, sci-fi, King of the Hill, Hunchback of Notre Dame, SimonSez, Selena, the state of hip hop, Biggie Smalls, rap murder,African homophobia, OJ the Juiceman and Guchi Man, Tawand's worshipof criminals, keeping it real, moral ambiguity, Tawanda's whiteguilt, Spider-Man, fighting, punk rock pasts, Breaking Bad, livingthe life, 50 Cent, being selfish, and the power of lifeexperience.