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Today Ken welcomes actor Lynne Stewart (Pee Wee's Playhouse, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) to the show.

Ken and Lynne discuss children's television, the origins of Miss Yvonne, the Pee Wee Herman Show reunion, meeting Tuesday Weld, growing up in Los Angeles, when Ken's dad was on Bozo, Phil Hartman, the MTV generation, the influence of Pee Wee's Playhouse on Japan, teaching kids how to scream, The Candy and Nancy Show, buying your own Candy for $300, Engineer Bill, the wonders of Facebook, Lynne's mother as a Facebook Phenomenon, the shared experience of media, being a dancer, The Groundlings, M*A*S*H, Cindy Williams, Laverne & Shirley, American Graffiti, Andy Kaufman, being cut out of Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig, living like you have no money when you do, Tiki, Edie McClurg, The Jimmy Stewart Show, why Lynne's father was mistaken for Jimmy Stewart by John Wayne, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, playing nuns, giving back, buying your own dolls, keeping Miss Yvonne's Christmas dress, Night Court, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Tim Stack, improve, the long lasting friendships in the comedy community, and loving the Sopranos despite it not being a comedy.

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May 18-24, 1968

Today Ken welcomes the fantastic musician Fred Schneider to the show.

Ken and Fred discuss Boston's industrial Nieman Marcus, having to watch what your mother likes, The Flintstones, I Married Joan, SNL, being trash talked on Carson, meeting David Bowie, Beanie and Cecil, F Troop, Petticoat Junction vs. Green Acres, Night of the Living Dead induced vomit, Alien panic attacks, Mama's Family, Forbidden Planet, loving bad movies, Martha and the Vandells, meeting Jimmy Page, Dinosaurs, Monsters, and MTV's hatred of hot dogs.

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June 28 - July 4, 1975

Today Ken welcomes actor, comedian, David Higgins to the show.

Ken and Dave discuss mid-western cold, the importance of outside, woods pornography, The Bi-Centennial, the glory days of the middle class, why the 70s were maybe a more enlightened time, Archie Bunker, Sammy and Company, Don Kirsher's Rock Concert, Poor Devil, Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, Bernie, burned off pilots, M*A*S*H, the Casey Kasem tapes, The Red Tapes, The Monkees vs the Goodies, Night After Night with Alan Havey, The Comedy Channel, The Higgins Boys and Gruber, Supercar, Clutch Cargo, Pizza and a movie, the ORIGINAL Leonard Maltin Game, Larry Storch, when IMDB is wrong, Tapeheads, Hell's Highway, barcade, Starcade, SNL, Jan Hooks, The Idiotbox, The Nightstalker, mustache vs. un-mustached Burt Reynolds, Cannon, Barney Miller, The Love God, why Nat Hiken is the greatest, The Rockford Files, Tom Atkins, Fast Times, why MTV changed the world and how the Wrong Guy is a movie everyone needs to see right away.

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Today Ken welcomes author, podcaster Scott Ryan to the show.

Ken and Scott discuss Scott's new book, Thirtysomething at Thirty, an oral history of Thirtysomething, Twin Peaks, My So-Called Life, Special Bulletin, Picket Fences, Fringe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the return of Twin Peaks. 

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 230: Josie Long

February 9-15, 1991

Today Ken welcomes comedian Josie Long to the show.

Ken and Josie talk about coming from the UK, American misperceptions of Royalty, how Hollywood couples like Roseane and Tom Arnold keep it together. The Radio & TV Times, why Darlene is so cool, Kevin James' Rich White guy support of Donald Trump, how cocaine explains most things, BBC Three, UK Play, Twin Peaks, Iraq War, Operation Desert Storm, The Damned, The Young Ones, Fist of Fun, tough guy dry tea, multiple channels having the same network, why America is a big weird country, Austin City Limits, hanging out in a shed playing guitars on a Saturday night, why the UK keeps sex and cuts out violence, pro-bowling on television, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Surrey Quays, Dog Soldiers, playing hidden camera pranks on Stevie Wonder, the talk show boom: Rickie Lake, Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael, Morton Downey Jr, Jerry Springer in The Ringmaster, The Kids in the Hall, John Waters movies, the wonders of Designing Women, Josie starring in a UK remake of Gabriel's Fire, War as Entertainment, how Nationalism = Racism, Encino Man aka California Man, The Ben Stiller Show, Tom Hanks early TV roles, Bosom Buddies, Moonlighting, 2001, Murder She Wrote, The Fresh Prince, Blossom and the acting career of Jerry Hall.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 229: Terry Sweeney

Ken welcomes writer/actor Terry Sweeney to the show.

Ken and Terry discuss corporal punishment, Texas, living in the South, growing up in Long Island, old dirty scary NYC, "Do what now", Terry's Sicilian Mother, hunting for TV Guide, Dinah Shore, being "excited" by Jim Morrison, Bones, crime shows, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brecht, Mr. Ball, Joan Rivers, Mad TV, Tripping the Rift, being in a hot tub with Madonna, Bruce McCullough, Mark McKinney, and television networks fear of desks.

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December 23-29, 1961

Today Ken welcomes writer, artist Stephen Bissette (Swamp Thing, Video Watchdog) to the show.

Ken and Steve discuss tips to get through governmental checkpoints, Swamp Thing, dinosaurs, Comic Cons, Doctor Who, Ultraman, Canadian TV, Vermont, Fear No Evil, Made for TV movies,  Monster Kids, 8mm Castle movies, Ray Harryhausen, Outer Limits, taking notes while watching TV, Carnival of Souls, turning roof antenna, color TV, the Bus Stop controversy, Fabian, Senate investigations into television, Lost in Space, Batman '66, growing up in a military family, Eyes Without a Face, realizing there are different edits of movies in different places, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Ray Bradbury, going to the Kubert School, Chiller Theater, Mario Bava, Blood an Black Lace, renting B movies on 16mm at college, the golden age of local TV, CBC, David Cronenberg, Watchmen, The Fly, Twilight Zone, George Romero working on Calgon commercials, Ducati, Jim Henson on Ed Sullivan, Bring Em Back Alive, Jungle Comics, The Phantom, quicksand, The Architects of Fear, the BBC's Ghost Story for Christmas, Mark Gatiss' Crooked House, Amicus Pictures, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, Salem's Lot, the horrors of Barlow, The Night Stalker, Kolchak, Mondo Movies, Route 66, In Search Of..., Bigfoot footage, zine culture, Godzilla, Heavy Metal, getting Billy Mumy's autograph, Constantine, Supernatural, Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man), Don't Open Until Doomsday, The Emir, the wonders of modern special FX, Stan Winston, Gargoyles, needing to watch movies on a big screen, not loaning out your media, TV Holy Grails, David Susskind, The Devil and Daniel Webster with Edgar G. Robinson, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Way Out, and the hunt for Robert Altman's Nightmare in Chicago.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 227: Jonah Ray

January 20 - February 1, 1991

Today Ken welcomes comedian, podcaster and television personality Jonah Ray to the show.

Ken and Jonah discuss mannequins in car dealerships, The Superbowl, how sports leads to day drinking, Sportsball, human Guess Who, Kevin Meaney, Steven Webber in The Shining, Frank from Murphy Brown, Wings, Tracy Ullman, Oceanic Cable, Hawaii, Tales from the Crypt, Dawn of the Dead, Hidden America, when pranks become assault, horror bros, the golden age of VHS, customizing a Mall Madness game into a Dawn of the Dead game, SNL, when Fox TV owned Sundays, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Bud Bowl, In Living Color, Pump Up the Volume, surprise boobs, Kube, Get a Life, getting lost in the parody, Cosby, moving to CT in a van with Tony Danza, why Jonah unfollows Ken on Instagram often, crew jackets, stunt men bars, Horror in Hawaii, The Wonder Years, Daniel Stern, meeting Fred Savage, Whip It, Growing Pains, Boston's constant aggression, meatball fights, Doogie Howser's theme song, San Pedro, punk bands, F.Y.P., The Flash vs. Beverly Hills 90210, Full House, Perfect Strangers, Mel Brooks, David Cronenberg, Seinfeld, JV Award Shows and Jonah's reboot of Renegade.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 226: Steve Johnson

Today Ken welcomes writer, special make up FX master and pseudo-Mad Scientist Steve Johnson to the show.

Ken and Steve discuss making the television Ken talks about, moving to CA from Texas at age 18, Merv, Steve's book Rubberhead, Rick Baker, An American Werewolf in London, John Landis, Stephen King, Hammer Horror, Universal Monsters, Tom Savini, the birth of Gore, holographic contact lenses, Innocent Blood, Joe Hill, Max Landis, Tom Atkins, The Stand, Stephen King on Television, The Shining TV mini-series, Steven Webber, Maximum Overdrive crew shirts, Friedkin's Bug, Danse Macabre, The Incredible Shrinking Man, old school studio employee make up fx guys, Dick Smith, matching the age spots on the Exorcist, Freaked, Screaming Mad George, covering A-List actors in character make up, Tales from the Darkside, Monsters, Organ Donor parts, German versions, Glim Glim, The Horror Hall of Fame, making frogs for Magnolia, Ernie Anderson, working on Ghostbusters, Slimer, ending the debate of the Zombie cab driver, CGI, puppeteering, and how Spinder-Man 2 can put gas in your car.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 225: Wendy Liebman

March 25 -31, 1978

Today Ken welcomes comedian Wendy Liebman to the show.

Ken and Wendy discuss L.A. rain, growing up in Long Island, low tolerance for New England snow, inventions, Walk-Muffs, Shark Tank, inventions, Steven Wright, appearing on Late Night TV, Ding Ho, Boston Comedy, seeing "Match Game '74" taped live, seeing Madonna at the Danceteria, The Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack, Maytag vs. Friends, Bob Newhart, Stitches, following the rules of stand up, "Ass Blank", To Tell the Truth, Let's Make a Deal, Plinko, Hollywood Squares, Tom Bergeron, Celebrity Feuds, Dick Van Dyke Show, Carl Reiner, Phyllis Diller, Kojak, Love Boat, Bud Friedman, The Improv, Bluefish, Mary Tyler Moore, Robert Blake's murderous intent, Banachek, Burn Notice, Milton Berle, Opening for Bob Hope, Dr. Theater, Marlo Thomas in That Girl, St. Jude, The Monkees, Mickey Dolenz, Austin City Limits, Norman Lear, Dick Cavett, CBS, All in the Family, opening for Jerry Seinfeld, Carol Burnett, the wonders of live to tape and horror stories about George C. Scott.

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