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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 210: Lenora Claire

August 13-19, 1988

Today Ken welcomes model, art curator, casting director and kindred spirit Lenora Claire to the show. Ken and Lenora discuss being a Reading Rainbow kid, appearing on Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, growing up in the Valley, The Sherman Oaks Galleria, The Brady Bunch House, Star 80, suave ALF, furries, a love of movies, growing up the daughter of a Dr, The Comish, being a Police Surgeon, Bachelor Party, Adrian Zmed, Revenge of the Nerds, Oingo Boingo, The Cramps, Tom Selleck as PT Barnum, Lonnie Anderson as Jane Mansfield, Lynda Carter as Rita Hayworth, Chopping Mall, Nightmares, earthquakes, the proper way to display samurai swords, Ninja III: The Domination, Farrah Fawcett, Extremities, The Burning Bed, Haunted Honeymoon vs. High Spirits, Howard the Duck, Messiah of Evil, condoms, Near Dark vs The Lost Boys, Joshua Miller, Malibu Bikini Shop, USA Up All Night, the rapey-ness of Revenge of the Nerds, Mel Brooks, Spaceballs, an insomnia fueled pop culture education, Night Flight, Another State of Mind, being one of the USA Network's Characters that are welcome, Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, being paid to be in the audience, Goth Teens, pranking the Hughleys, appearing in Marilyn Manson and George Michaels music videos, Steven Spielberg's aversion to sex, casting MTV's True Life, She's the Sheriff, The Thighmaster vs. The Gutbuster, My So-Called Life, Zoobilie Zoo, SCTV, Elvira : Mistress of the Dark, Paul Reubens, Reality TV, The Real World, the educational power of television, creating anti-stalker laws, Fight Back! with David Horowitz, Wally George, DC Follies, and Beverly Hills Teens. 

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 209: Rose McGowan

Today Ken welcomes writer, producer, director, actor Rose McGowan to the show.

Ken and Rose discuss "The Californians", the upcoming Apocalypse, growing up in the Adams Family, Italian Culture vs. American "culture", big families, vomit stories, the footwear of backwoods Oregon, being discovered while looking at butts, revival houses, Lawrence of Arabia, classic Hollywood cinema, having an Uncle who owns a video store, C.H.U.D., The Parent Trap, Hollywood child actors, never getting to be yourself, desensitization from horror, Conan the Barbarian, the relationship between comedy and horror, thinking about the effect your work has on the world, the stupidity of men in Hollywood, awful Bro-Frat Boys running things, hack lite, Hollywood not knowing what to do with you, fighting to be creative in a business, sincerity in art, Lonesome Dove, event Television, media based on books, Tiger attacks on Circus of the Stars, Idiocracy, Made for TV movies, turning things down, Charmed, "V", the long gone days of actual Liberal Hollywood, the killing of Cinema, Rose's movie "Dawn", BBC, The Lobster, the lack of rogues and renegades, why one should have a landline for 9-1-1, movie taglines, Planet Terror, opening lines of novels, Electric Boogaloo, Cannon Pictures, and why everyone should by Robert Evans' The Kid Stays in the Picture as an audio book.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 208: Eliza Skinner

August 4-10, 1990

Today Ken welcomes comedian Eliza Skinner to the show.

Ken and Eliza discuss sandwiches, the horrors of Miracle Whip, deep fried Danger, LA Air Traffic, PBS's Mystery, Edward Gory, pull-out couch culture, hiding in the clothing racks at department stores, 90s Nails, The Franklin mint, perfecting Beanie Babies, binging on friends' cable, Yo! MTV Raps, Richmond, VA, Anne of Green Gables, comedians in dramatic roles, Jacob's Ladder, Twin Peaks, Growing Pains, Ducktails, Gummy Bears, having a "type", a love of eyebrows, Designing Women, Audrey Horne, being a Jo, but wanting to be a Blair, Murphy Brown, Who's the Boss's Mona, Roseanne, Night Court, Barney Miller, high school shop club pranks, 21 Jump St, pushing Grieco, My Two Dads, wanting to have a stop light in your bedroom, Made for-TV Movie "I'm Dangerous Tonight", Embryo, Cheers, Monty Python, Ripping Yarns, Grand, Quantum Leap, loving Julie Brown, meeting Geena Davis, and avoiding TGIF.

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TV Guidance Counselor 3rd Anniversary Episode: Sean Sullivan guest hosts with guest guest Ken Reid

In this episode recorded this very week Sean Sullivan guests hosts as Ken Reid guest guests to discuss THIS week in Television 2017. 

Hear Ken Reid try to pretend he pays attention to current affairs, as Sean swears and they both reminisce about the past guests on the show, the early days of the show and the general state of the world.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 207: Frank "Dr. Frank" Portman

Fall Preview! September 18-24, 1976

In this episode recorded live at Piano Fight in San Francisco during SF Sketchfest Ken welcomes musician and author Frank Portman to the show.

Ken and Frank discuss growing up in the Bay area, being banned from television, Mike's two Grandmothers Edna and Jean, The Chesterfield vs. The Davenport, agricultural game shows, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, being terrified of hippies, the Zodiac Killer, The Spirit of '76, Ken's odd childhood habit of making political jokes at his neighbors house, Richard Nixon, Watergate, Streets of San Francisco, anti-hippies, the literary status of TV Guide's writing, Holmes and Yoyo, Mr. T and Tina, the secret origins of The Mr. T Experience, ethnic comedies, tone shifts, All in the Family, Maude, Norman Lear, beating up the Gooch, Mr. T's angry comic book years, punk rock scare TV, Quincy M.D., Fantasy Island, being treated like a monkey only to be replaced by Christopher Hewitt, Filmmation's Saturday Morning Shows, Kroft, Elektra Woman and Dynagirl, Speed Racer, having your life saved by the theme from Spider-Man, Love American Style, Charles in Charge, songwriting lessons from Gilligan's Island, The Greatest American Hero, Mr. Smith, trying to figure out the dumbest show ever on TV, the Flying Nun, Six Million Dollar Chico and the Man, the importance of correct lunch box decisions, the secrets of Furniture Care, Say Yes to the Dress, Ellery Queen, Angel Heart, The Muppets, Jan Brady accent, Baretta, The Love Boat, writing misunderstood Murder Ballads, and how Bob Newhart is eternal.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 206: Paula Marshall

Today Ken welcomes actor Paula Marshall to the show.

Ken and Paula discuss the fiction of Hollywood tours, Maps to the Stars Homes, Circus of Books, wanting to work, Seinfeld, staying close to home, The Wonder Years, Gary Unmarried breaking the curse, BeaBea's Breakfast, growing up in Maryland, cold and humid climates, All in the Family, all of our Dads, loving sitcoms, watching football with Mom, loving the Colts, NFL, crushed based decisions, the annual tradition of The Wizard of Oz, event television, variety shows, mood rings, unlimited television, over parenting, working for the government, a love of photography, Evelyn's advice, modeling in NYC, One Life to Live, Hellraiser II: Hell on Earth, Warlock The Armageddon, being sick on set, Fred Savage is a piece of tape, auditioning for comedy in the wrong environment, The Flash (1990), Apollonia's eyebrows advice, the importance of hair, Chicago Sons, Jason Bateman, Cupid, remaking Cupid, Jeremy Piven, Hidden Hills, Snoops, holding for laughs, Ted Danson, Cheers, coaching a Boston accent for Ray Donovan, working with Candice Bergen, House, David Duchovny, conservative Republicans, improvisational vomiting during sex, getting the button, getting recognized at the airport, Cheaper by the Dozen, SVU vs SVU, and Tupperwear Party nostalgia with Mariska Hargitay and J. Lo.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 205: Nick Chambers

September 16-22, 1995

Today Ken welcomes incredibly talented comedian, fake song Friday musician, and Old School Game Show utility player Nick Chambers to the show.

Ken and Nick discuss the White Nick Chambers, Mark Harmon, Worcester's Mid-Town Mall, local television jingles, Mom and Pop Amusement Parks, why Judith Light means bargains, Boston knee surgery, Church, 7th Day Adventists, frozen juice concentrate, Forest Gump math, David Allan Grier, Tea Leoni in The Naked Truth, short pitches, Fall Previews, New York Undercover, Full Boss aka Hudson Street, The Kennedys, ER with Journalists, vaguely racist television, Boku, White Grape Juice, Ellen Claghorne, SNICK, Alex Mack, Fire on the Fresh Prince, growing up vegetarian, Killer Bee Honey, All That!, Cybill, Kung Fu The Legend Continues, Peanut Butter Popcorn, Rockwell's Obscene Phone Caller, Disney, getting lost, London Underground, Home Improvement, UPN, Tina Turner, The 7 Ups, why Robert Townsend is amazing, The Wayans Bros, Voodoo, and the shocking revelation of Gerbert.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 204: Alison Rosen

March 28 - April 3, 1987

Today Ken welcome podcaster, writer and fellow Facts of Life superfan Alison Rosen to the show.

Ken and Alison discuss the weird Hollywood Hills, Cat elope and Watermelon worries, why Ken continues to live in New England against his will, odd things found in snowbanks, growing up in Orange County, wanting to be a child actress, being an extra on Life Goes On, "F-You" Nicknames, Chad Lowe, No Means No, if Very Special Episodes hold up to 21st Century ideals, the meanest thing ever said on TV, The Night Stalker, the importance of 1987, Baby Jessica, Marilu Henner's peanut obsession, being in bands, pregnancy brain, Rags to Riches, the horrors of pre-preemption, Hull High, orphan wish fulfillment, Wildfire, Out of This World, Day by Day, 80s TV show Tributes to 60s TV shows, The Facts of Life's "Seven Little Indians", Ken's extreme jealousy of Alison having had Mindy Cohen on her show, The Adam Corolla Show, Valerie, Our House, video vs. film, Jeff Smith The Frugal Gourmet, ALF, Who's the Boss, Alyssa Milano, being depressed by Cheers, Blair's Mother's abortion talk, Growing Pains, why being offered cocaine makes you not want to go to the bathroom, auditioning for Quantum Leap, What a Dummy!, The Monster Squad, The Gate, vaguely Canadian, TV killing dogs, Highway to Heaven, reusing the hallway from Head of the Class, Boys Meets World, A Different World, Roomies, Andrea Martin, teachers on TV, and the scary reveal that Mr. Lazaroni is the dead grandfather Andrew McCarthy was pretending to be in Amazing Stories.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 203: Stuart Pankin

Today Ken welcomes actor Stuart Pankin (Dinosaurs, Not Necessarily The News, Second Sight) to the show.

Ken and Stuart discuss holding your own microphone, being a quintessential sitcom guest star, growing up in Philly, Mel Torme', Night Court, not being enough of a you type to get a part calling for a you type, Scavenger Hunt, Winky Dink, Romper Room, appearing on Howdy Doody, Free to be You and Me with Marlo Thomas, Dinosaurs, Jim Henson, Barney Miller, warm up comedians, Not Necessarily The News, Conan O'Brien's first job, HBO, No Soap Radio, The San Pedro Beach Bums, Love at Stake, Dearly Departed, SCTV, Joe Flaherty, the power of no, Vaudeville to Burlesque to Radio to Television, Milton Berle, Dinah Shore, hating Roasts, hateful comedy, loving horror, the mechanics of comedy, Dawn of the Dead, John Amplas, George Romero's Martin, Tremors, 50s Monster Movie Matinees, the creative seeds planted by limitations, Stuart as the interviewer, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Mad Men, Phil Silvers, Sid Caesar, playing poker with comedy greats, a world without movie stars, Dee Wallace, Eddie Albert, having a good lead in, remote controls, Second Sight, Boston, the writer's strike, Fatal Attraction, parody songs, actors five people inside them, and the pros and cons of being a specific character actor.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 202: Candy Clark

In this episode recorded LIVE! at the NorthEast Comic Con Ken welcomes actress Candy Clark (American Graffiti, The Man Who Fell to Earth) to the show.

Ken and Candy discuss growing up in Texas, moving to NYC, being a teen model, John Houston, Fat City, Susan Tyrrell, the high cost of living in Manhattan, Room 222, auditioning for American Graffiti, THX 1138, working with George Lucas, the amazing soundtrack of American Graffiti, revitalizing the Hot Rod World, meeting Jeff Beck, The Dating Game, The Man Who Fell to Earth, David Bowie, Nick Roeg, how being an actress can be like waiting tables, Circus of the Stars, being mauled by a tiger, Pat Morita : Magician, Barbie Benton being put in danger, Faerie Tale Theater, The 1988 remake of The Blob, the new Twin Peaks, child actors, Ron Howard, the fight over the title "American Graffiti", how Frances Ford Coppola almost personally purchased the movie, the Thighmaster, and the difficulties of working with George Peppard on Banachek.

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