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February 23 - March 1, 1985

Live from the basement of a Cambridge, MA Panera Bread Ken welcomes cartoonist, writer and artist Box Brown (Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven and "Andy Kaufman: Is this Guy for Real?")to the show.

Ken and Box discuss libraries, Roseanne, why Wrestling is fascinating, Andy Kaufman, Jerry the King Lawler, Andre the Giant, Bill Apter, Wrestling magazines, the celebrity wrestling connection, Bobby the Brain Heenan, the loneliness of the road, Cyndi Lauper, Pee Wee's Playhouse, Muppet Babies, Dragon's Lair, Dungeons and Dragons, the design of old TVs, growing up in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Sesame Street, the death of Mr. Hooper, after school reruns, Gilligan's Island, The Harlem Globetrotters, pyro kids, Kidd Video, Diff'rent Strokes, Just Say No, orphans, live TV, Roc, Gimme a Break, The People Next Door, cartoonists, newspaper strips, Silver Spoons, Punky Brewster, owning actual arcade games, dyslexia, the sad world of child stars, Night Court, the strange relationship of Mac and Qwan Lee, Benson vs. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, and Ben Vereen's odd Webster use.

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Today Ken welcomes Tony Campos and Derek Abrams of Ministry.

Ken, Tony and Derek discuss the lawlessness of New Hampshire, Grizzly Adams, the importance of MTV, growing up in L.A. with a half pipe, the terrifying cold of Minnesota, impressing Kurt Loder, Knight Rider, watching Def Comedy Jam with grandma, SNICK, Mr. Bicycle Man, Static X, wanting to be on Beavis and Butthead, Benny Hill, Monty Python, The Young Ones, Ministry's Twilight Zone, horror flicks, falling asleep to the Shining, Army of Darkness, Ash Vs. The Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Outer Limits, Canon Picture, Golan and Globus, Monsters, An American Werewolf in London, Heavy Metal, Transformers, being invested in media, video games, Fringe, Lost, Stranger Things, Miami Vice, Don Johnson's music career, Anthrax on Married...with Children, Looney Toons, the nostalgia cycle and the future of art. 

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October 8-14, 1977

Today Ken welcomes actor, writer, director Ione Skye (Say Anything, River's Edge) to the show.

Ken and Ione discuss horses, filming Italian style, why comedy doesn't work on music festivals, The Muppet Show, watching things you don't like, Donny and Marie, opinionated children, River's Edge, supportive family, being a pop locker, River's Edge, being a space cadet, costume dramas, Napoleon, Covington Cross, female 60s super spies, In Like Flint, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Gary Marshall shows, Natasha Kinski, Looney Toons, Bosom Buddies, directing, being an auteur, shadowing on three camera sitcoms, Jon Cryer, Barney Miller, loving claymation, Mr. Bill, hanging with Frank Zappa, Say Anything, Prank Shows, All in the Family, Good Times, how the Muppets can star strike you more than Mick Jagger can, 60s Music, The Beach Boys, nostalgia, Phil Donahue, lying about seeing Human Centipede, Hollywood High School, the Crown, Against Me music videos, short films, paying your dues, and how sometimes things just work out right.

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In this episode recorded LIVE! at the NYC Podfest Ken welcomes MC Comedic DJ Donwill to the show.

Ken and Donwill discuss post nuke cinema, Chosen Survivors, Killers in Bear suits, Head of the Class, Cincinatti, Jerry Springer, Cosby, God's vision of the future, Growing Pains, Wonder Years, why Silver Spoons might be the greatest TV theme song ever, and a lot more. 

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September 11-18, 1970 FALL PREVIEW ALERT!

Today Ken welcomes TV writer and author of the new book "Just the Funny Parts", Nell Scovell to the show.

Ken and Nell discuss New England, The Marx Brothers, Newhart, Bill Fiends, perfume smelling from the head down, Mark Harmon, the first color show, Batman '66, Get Smart, When Things Were Rotten, Mary Tyler Moore, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Star Trek, My Man Godfrey, Warehouse 13, Murphy Brown, Outlander, Fringe, product placement, women in comedy, Designing Women, Carol Burnett, going through the looking glass, JFK Jr., Spy Magazine, the lagoon from Gilligan's Island, Joel Hodgson, TV Wheel, Mad Magazine, parody, Monty Python, Kate & Allie, loving Jane Curtain, SCTV, SNL, Albert Brooks, Obama as comedian, writing jokes for Hillary, the wonders of Caroline Rea, remaking McCloud with Brett Butler, saving up your TV time and dreading The Wire.

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January 21-27, 1978

Today Ken welcomes BACK the show old friend and comedian Jenny Zigrino.

Ken and Jenny discuss donut identity, looks, ditchens, BIG ELVIS, Family, John McEnroe, dead tennis players, Giggletits, Dante, honey, fun with carbon monoxide, The Exorcist, Prague, Amadeus, Ken's Cardi B ignorance, Camels, Beard Budgets, Huck Finn, the N word book, Dick Gregory, Al Pacino, Cruisin', The Cat from Outer Space, Deadly Eyes, dogs dressed as rats, C.H.U.D., good deals on heroin, Bumper Stickers, Rhoda, An American Hippie in Israel, fat Americans, RC Cola Diner Menus, songs Elvis could sing after he died, Uncle Hate, Dinah!, Lawrence Welk, Half and Half, Pomegranate myths, Harvey Korman, Munchies, tall people in chairs, Carol Burnett, My Three Sons, James at 15, Phyllis Diller, wig love, JoBeth Williams, and summoning Paul Lynde.

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Always Meet Your Heroes.

Today Ken welcomes writer, director, actor, Bonnie Hunt to the show.

Ken and Bonnie discuss horse roommates, the huge deal of TV Guide, The Building, George Clooney, being a story teller, Bonnie's status as the first woman to write and star in her own show, ignorant innovation, Cheers, heart, the importance of Character, Don Lake, Bonnie, Life with Bonnie, refusing to recast, Chicago, Second City, improv, shooting in real time, Grand, Davis Rules, Jonathan Winters, taking three days off from being a cancer nurse to act in Rain Man, the writer's room, turning down Designing Women, Audrey Meadows, The Honeymooners, blue collar shows, coming from a big family, the pop culture shift from co-dependents to independents, Frankie, defense mechanisms, three camera sitcoms, SCTV, John Candy, Only the Lonely, Martin Short, the power of taking your second thought, the medicinal power of laughter, Mad Magazine, Fernwood 2 Night, believing in your crew, creating a good work environment, why dogs are the best, Don Lake, hiring a ghost writing staff, advice from Carl Reiner, Easter eggs, Topo's, late night movies with mom, setting a tone, making responsible entertainment, musicals, hate watching, lazy TV, Danse Macabre, It, Get Out, Carol O'Connor, keeping the old guys in, the sadness of the dog in Return to Me, Norman Lear, All in the Family, One Day at a Time, how life can change in a moment, respect and power of sincerity.

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February 2-8, 1991

Today Ken welcomes Sundown actor Grayson Powell to the show.

Ken and Grayson discuss in-law deaths, growing up in South Carolina, improv, comedy festivals, second tier cities, Fred Armison, the horrors of auditions, playing Sam Malone in Cheers live on Stage, Will Ferrel bars, James Bond bars that aren't actual James Bond bars, Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote, a love of procedurals, scrambled adult content, Golden Girls, Designing Women, Oprah, Soap Operas, kid actors, Columbo, murders, Get a Life, a life with five channels, The X-Files, Metallica, going to college in NYC, meeting Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie, Dawson's Creek, Rescue 911, bizarre sports team names, a love of nature documentaries, and the failure of the original Flash.

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Today Ken welcomes actor, fellow New Englander and Ken's favorite Wonder Woman Susan Eisenberg to the show.

Ken and Susan discuss growing up in Providence in the discount store business, doing radio ads, Walmart, Apex, growing up in a house with four sisters, Soap Operas, Soap Opera actors, John Wesley Ship, the unique fandom of soaps, major character recasts, Made for TV Movies, living in a television fantasy world, watching TVs with your mind, David Letterman, late night TV, The Tonight Show, Dick Cavett, Rhoda, Valerie Harper, Jewish characters on TV, the divorce of Rhoda on TV, receiving compliments, Lauren Bacall, The Kennedy Center Honors, voice over, stumbling on your favorite things, The Hollywood Hills, Wonder Woman, Class of 96, Lynda Carter, old show biz, Gal Gadot, Elizabeth Montgomery, hating the Darrens, Agnes Moorehead, Cher naturally flirting with Kermit the Frog, Brandon Tartikof, being a romantic, Family, A Year in the Life with Sarah Jessica Parker, Bridget Loves Bernie, hating being on camera, Fancy Feast, Lincoln Financial ads, St. Elsewhere and the weird loneliness of Los Angeles.

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Today Ken welcomes BACK to the show Hallelujah the Hills frontman and author of the new book "Astral Weeks: The Secret History of 1968", Ryan Walsh to the show.

Ken and Ryan discuss going with it, Van Morrison, mobbed up record execs, Astral Weeks, Cambridge MA, Boston, Charley, The Thomas Crown Affair, Zabriskie Point, Mark Frechette, cat impressions, iRobot, Tampon ads, cats who can do 11 tricks, Racial tensions, James Brown, Kevin White, WGBH, The Newlywed Game, in the butt, makin' Whoopie, Shane MacGowan's Nips, pay offs, The Boston Tea Party, Don Rickles, The Cryptkeeper, X The Man with X-Ray Eyes, Star Search, Hollywood Palace, Bluebird, the birth of the ACLU, Variety Shows, America's first Elephant, the death of America's first elephant, Folk Guitar, Rat Patrol, tough choices for Roddy McDowell fans, LSD, Chicago Festival, the sounds of '68, Bill Cosby, Celebrity Billiards, Scottish Games, sponges, Dom DeLuise, The Flying Nun, Brookline Tennis, the strange history of Salem, MA, problems for married women, That Girl, sound FX CDs, fart machines, Halloween Sound FX tapes, Mexico, BUTTS, screwing, qware, Up With People and the sandwich police.

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