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Today Ken welcomes writer, actor Steve Bannos (Freaks & Geeks) to the show.

Ken and Steve discuss their mutual collecting bug, Flea Markets, Brimfield, Boston in the 80s, stand up comedy, Chicago, Mark of the Devil Barf Bags, The Combat Zone, TV Wheel, Judd Apatow, Night After Night with Alan Havey, The Higgins Boys and Gruber, Greek fry cooks, Gyros, Paul Feig, "The Ranch", Freaks & Geeks, the missing Missing Bus script, 7 Minutes in Heaven, rigging spin the bottle, Meet the Applegates, working in the art department, Zapped II, Linda Blair, carrying the cross on Madonna's Like a Prayer, Mary Lambert, 80s coke sets, Dana Gould, horror hosts, Svenghouli, Channel 32, growing up a make up geek, Planet of the Apes, when Mr. Rogers hulked out, Rebecca Staab, Doomed! The Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie, regrettable roles, keeping your shirt on, Ghostbusters, Garfield Goose, Wacky Races, Fraiser Thomas, Looney Toons, a TV education, Night Flight, Marvel Monsters, Tremors, being haunted by the Exorcist without having seen it, writing tag lines for movies, Percy Rodriguez, making the poster, a 70s set Ghost Rider movie, structured family TV time, watching TV during dinner, stealing from Vaudeville, reality TV writers, how it's painful sometimes to watch comedies, and loving James Franco.

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In this episode recorded live at Gary Sohmer's Southcoast Comic Con at the Hanover Mall, Ken welcomes The Monkees Micky Dolenz to the show.

Ken and Micky discuss the innovation of the Monkees TV show, the Marx Brothers, the influence on MTV, directing television, Metal Mickey, Circus Boy, working behind the scenes in England, the 1997 Monkees reunion movie, "Head", Mickey's Rock N Roll tastes, Little Richard, Hellzapoppin', the divide between TV and movie actors, Michael Nesmith's Different Drum, pop music, Randy Scouse Git, Til Death Us Do Part, the surprise of the 80s Monkees revival, the 1986 reunion tour that was scheduled for 12 weeks and lasted three years, working with Disney, Boy Meets World, Jack Nicholson, how the Monkees lead to Easy Rider which lead to a Hollywood revolution, "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls", being at the crossroads of old and new Hollywood, the iron fist of the network censors, the Devil, playing the part of a drummer, The Beatles, Headquarters, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Circus Boy, having parents who keep you grounded, and Dolez and Daughters Wood Working Business.

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January 6-10, 1996

Today Ken welcomes actor, writer, comedian Langston Kerman to the show.

Ken and Langston discuss Ken's weird house, RC Cola and Moon Pies, health drinks, white people MacGuyvering things to get high and things to have sex with, pranks, teenage fight clubs, school suspensions, The Green Day Riots, poetry, Jesse Jackson, Tito, 1995's Top 10 Performers, Chicago, OJ, ER, Keith Olberman, Fraiser, 10 Shows that Clicked, Seinfeld, writing for the Oscars, Chris Rock, aliens, how Langston became Language, Dragon Ball Z, stand up, In Living Colour, The Wayne's Brothers, Blaxploitation, Mad TV, Ellen, working with Larry David, Blake Clark, Ghosts, Boy Meets World, pretending to be Derek Rose, suburban teenager danger, and getting jumped.

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April 24 - 30, 1976

Today Ken welcomes writer, comedian, raconteur, Dylan Brody to the show.

Ken and Dylan discuss Dylan's wife's similarities to his father, nicknames, Thomas vs. Bob, being almost Canadian, small town upstate New York, Coxsackie, Tituba's Spell, Ken vs Kenny, birthday viewing, Dick Van Dyke, booze as medicine, I Dream of Jeanie vs. Bewitched, The Marx Brothers vs. The Three Stooges, The Ritz Brothers, Dylan's Cinema Education from his Film Professor Father, Forest Gump, how to pitch, Roseanne, Dog Police, Mid-Season pilots, replacing cast members, Ed Asner, Bob Newhart, Vaudeville on TV, joke math, mystery musical comedy, skipping Sunday, insulting Steve Martin, George Carlin, Lorenzo Music, Boston Documentaries, Spenser for Hire, Rich Little, impressionists, M*A*S*H, James Bond and Alan Alda and your blueprint for dealing with women, living in London, realizing the minds behind Marvel Comics, Touch of Evil, Beretta, Strong Kids Safe Kids, Shields and Yarnell, Welcome Back Kotter, Steve Ladesberg, Barney Miller, Hal Linden's Captain America Musical, callbacks, bad 70s joke structure, Michael Landon, Don Knotts' Bowling Ball, and the horrors of little Jimmy Osmond.

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May 1-7, 1999

In this episode recorded LIVE! at the 5th Annual Philly Podfest at the Trocodero in Philly, Ken welcomes musician Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz, Sad13) to the show.

Ken and Sadie discuss feeling old when you're young and feeling young when you're old, Must See TV, growing up in Manhattan, The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Babyface, Animorphs, crushing on Hawk boys, Calista Flockhart, Alley McBeal, lawyers in Boston, a pre-Goodburger world, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, SNICK, why nobody remembers Third Storee, Will Smith's singing, Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, why the world is split into before and after Spongebob, Jerry Spinger's podcast, Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story, Ben Affleck's dating history, Mummy jokes, font issues, X-Files, Charles Rocket, Becker, Ted Danson, Bill Cosby's cross-over madness, Sweeps Week, Brooke Shields wrestling Hulk Hogan, Noah's Ark, Car Bras, Face Bras, breaking your knee, Ken's pants ripping off, Just Shoot Me, Hagfish, Sadie's fear of snakes, LifeTime Movies, Murder Most Horrid, John Lithgow, lesbians on Party of Five, The Scream movies, troubled jungle guides fighting mutant baboons, Kelsey Grammar falling into a hole, Sliders, when Charlie O'Connell replaces Jerry O'Connell, fact based TV, loving Archie Comics, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, and having a crush on Salem the cat.

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Today Ken welcomes writer, director and sometimes actor Carl Gottlieb (Jaws, The Smothers Brothers, The Jerk) to the show.

Ken and Carl discuss classic Hollywood apartments, growing up in Manhattan, Your Show of Shows, Champagne tastes on a Beer Pocket Book, Howdy Doody, Milton Berle, The NBC Symphony, how radio begat television, The DuMont Network, having a pet mouse, Carl's TV debut, Tom Corbitt Space Patrol, being a Sci-Fi fanatic, The Shadow, Amos and Andy, how a car can cost as much as a television, how parody thrives when an audience is well informed, pretending to be in the orchestra to get into Your Show of Shows, writing for the college newspaper in Syracuse, joining The Committee, Harry Brandt Theaters, fighting in the War, San Francisco, The Smothers Brothers, Steve Martin, Rob Reiner, Bob Einstein, Lorenzo Music, Saturday Night Live, working with Lorne Michaels on Flip Wilson specials, the Square Generation, writing "The Air Traffic Controller" for Bob Newhart, Carl's favorite sketch, winning an Emmy, Music Scene, Janis Joplin, Stephen Spielberg, Jaws, The Odd Couple, Carl's book The Jaws Log, Paws, Which Way is Up, The Jerk, directing Caveman, Ringo Star, Raquel Welch's fur bikini, George Burns' Comedy Showcase, and hippies and beatniks on Gomer Pile.

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In this episode recorded LIVE! at Denver Comic Con 2017 Ken welcomes a panel of legendary Hollywood stunt and fight coordinators, Mark Grove, James Lew, Carl Ciarfalio and Rick Avery.

Ken, Mark, James, Carl and Rick discuss martial arts, how one gets into the stunt business, Big Trouble in Little China, Kung Fu, the Knotts Berry Farm Stunt Show, being a fun fighter, being a good looking man, car guys, Harold Lloyd, learning from old Hollywood, why sometimes cardboard boxes are best, John Travolta, Blow Out, Kenpo, Jeff Speakman, The Perfect Weapon, Jet Li's "The One", and nerding out of Martial Arts.

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Today Ken welcomes actor (Supernatural, Revenge of the Nerds, Moonlighting) and author of the new memoir "Revenge of the Nerd: Or...The Singular Adventures of the Man Who Would be Booger" Curtis Armstrong to the show.

Ken and Curtis discuss the mid 60s, Mary Tyler Moore, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Beatles, living in Switzerland, Detroit, how being forced to watch something other than the Wonderful World of Disney can change your life, the horror of stopwatches, The Avengers, being an anglophile, watching Help! while living in Help!, Rock N Roll shows on TV, loving the Universal Monsters, Famous Monsters, visiting Forrest J. Ackerman with Gilbert Gottfried, meeting Ray Bradbury, Moonlighting, working on Cybill, reading the script to Better Off Dead on the top of a Canadian Mountain while dressed as a caveman, working with Savage Steve Holland, the Boston fame of "Boogah", How I Got Into College, and what may be Ken's favorite story ever told on the show, a story of Gary Busey fighting with an extra about what the furniture in Heaven looks like.

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Today Ken welcomes the legendary "Weird" Al Yankovic to the show.

In this episode recorded LIVE! at the 2017 Denver Comic Con in Denver, CO Ken and Al discuss why Al was never Magnum P.I., ALTv, the early days of MTV, Eat It, visual parody, Dr. Demento, Spike Jones, voice over, Warner Bros, growing up outside of Hollywood, The Weird Al Show, Saturday mornings, Billy Barty's kids show, Sheriff John, milk drinking contests, the golden age of theme songs, Green Acres, jumping on a parody, Al's original compositions, the badge of honor of being parodied by Al, UHF, Michael Richards, Transylvania 6-5000, sketch shows, SCTV, streaming media, Whaling Songs, Chris Guest, The National Lampoon Radio Hour, missing genres, avoiding being Spinal Tap, the magic of "The Complete Al", Paul McCartney in Al's Brain in 3D, almost giving Orson Welles his final job, and when Japanese TV out weirded Weird Al.

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April 17-23, 1982

Today Ken welcomes comedian, author and fellow Bostonian Jen Kirkman to the show.

Ken and Jen discuss Jen's awe at Ken's west coast TV Guide collection, being torn between two issues, Ripped from the Headlines, AIDS, The Day After, Red Dawn, unsupportive terrifying fathers, Happy Days, being a defacto only child, bus station TVs, listening to TV on the radio, making audio tapes of Moonlighting, Back to the Beach, The Brady Bunch house, The Love Boat, high fashion on the high seas, Halston, The Mandrell Sisters, the final years of Variety, Boston Lies, James at 15, Spenser for Hire, special kids on Highway to Heaven, Jen's Mother's mistrust of Michael Landon, punk rock scare shows, ChPs, sitting in a tent at the beach, One Day at a Time, kids cooking shows, Alice, living the dream waiting tables in a diner, having a maid, Today's FBI, Ballet, Ken's ignorance of Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gov Weld defunding mental health facilities, The Reagans' war against the arts, Gary Marshall Night, female heart-throbs, Joanie Loves Chachi, when the 50s turn into the 70s, Laverne & Shirley, The Big Ragu's Lowell beginnings, Boy George Make A Wish, Three's Company, pretending Joyce DeWitt is your finance, The Too Close for Comfort rape episode, the mystery of "Pee Pee People", being jealous of Kids Incorporated, Facts of Life, loving Alicia Witt, Grandma's loving a mustache, Diff'rent Stroke, Danny Glover on Gimme a Break, the sadness of Friday Nights and why 2017 does not deserve guest stars.

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