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Today Ken welcomes old friend and big star Joe Wong to the show.

Ken and Joe discuss how Boston has changed, how long it's been since Ken has seen Joe, doing comedy in English in China, public loud speaker TV, cross talk, pirate radio, Cyndi Lauper, Stephen Cow, Hong Kong vs. Mainland China, The Comedy Studio, moving to Texas for college, Growing Pains in China, All American Girl, Margaret Cho, Joe's TV show in China, State Run Media, how people access media in China, investigative reporting, how the internet is replacing TV, Korean Soaps, sitcoms, Mary Tyler Moore, Joe's past as a Chemist, Breaking Bad, mailing drugs, skipping school to go to video parlors, Hong Kong comedy, the working middle class of China, Joan Chen, Off the Boat, Crouching Tiger, David Letterman, Joe's status as a big deal in China, working the red carpet, product endorsement, political ads, performing at the White House Corespondents Dinner, meeting Joe Biden, making 50 Cent made, violent Chinese kids' cartoons, Sex vs. Violence on TV, and being watched by a hundred million people on television.

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In this episode recorded live at Denver Comic Con Ken welcomes Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyager) to the show.

Ken and Garrett discuss George Takai, DragonCon, going from fan to being the head of TrekTrack, CosPlay, Miss Star Trek Universe, Ensign Kim, Rich Little, being an impressionist, Kate Mulgrew, loving Star Wars, LL Cool JJ "martinating", UPN, being kept from the bathroom, stealing stuff from the set, having second hand Data clothes, other people owning your uniform, games played on set, how Tim Russ is a real life Vulcan, training to press buttons, seeing the worst episode of Star Trek The Next Generation over and over again, All American Girl, Asians on US TV, James Hong, why he never got a promotion on Star Trek, Handsome Kim, a history of failed relationships, farting the original Star Trek theme, and being dumbfounded by Sigourney Weaver.

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October 6-12, 1984

Today Ken welcomes comedian Kendra Cunningham to the show.

Ken and Kendra discuss communist dance troupes, growing up in Milton, Dorchester, moving to the Cape, NKOTB, Pretty Boys, Chess King, Maurice the Pants Man, Brockton, Casey Affleck's Dunkin Donuts ad, wearing purple velvet, Leah Remeny, Paper Dolls, models, Love Boat, cocaine, cruise ships, Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, Fatal Vision, Sweeps Week, Gin Blossoms, Carl Malden, Shelly Long, Cheers, Joan Rivers, Late Night Shows, Arsenio Hall, SNL, Stand Up Comedy, Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Richard Simmons, why Ken wants to mostly sit at home and watch movies with his Poodle, getting stuck in Jan Brady Voice, Kendra's sing speak, Ryan O'Neal, Killing Klaus Kinski, John Ritter's Wardrobe malfunction, Judith Light, World's Funniest Commercials, The Amnityville Horror, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Ball Lighting, In Search Of..., Arthur and Arthur II: On the Rocks, Parasitic Twins, New Edition, and Little People tough guys of Boston.

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March 7-14, 1998

Today Ken welcomes comedian, writer, musician and all around entertainer Lane Moore to the show.

Ken and Lane discuss being a 90s kid, feeling old, Dawson’s Creek, the shift in morality in a short amount of time, collecting ‘em all, being a sophisticated adult discussing movies, New York City, the shocking nature of MTV’s NEXT, Brittney vs. Christina, loving Buffy, why the TV Guide may be the only normal thing in childhood for many of us, smooth operators from Denver, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, SNICK, All That, being confused by Ren & Stimpy, doing comedy to meet women and vice versa, Amanda Bynes, being part of someone’s childhood, getting recognized in public, Alan Strange, the wonders of Awards shows, writing songs for your cat, Crybaby, being a serious musician but a funny comedian, loving pop culture, MTV, interviewing Ani DiFranco, writing for major magazines as an outsider, Saved by the Bell, writing TV Theme songs, how California Dreams can change your life, Clueless and the childhood depression fueled by there being nothing to watch at 9:30pm. 

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May 15 - 21, 1993

Today Ken welcomes writer/comedian Jo Firestone to the show.

Sitting on a concrete staircase in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA Ken and Jo discuss being very tired, nap stations, closing time at Cheers, when people get together how it ruins things, hope, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, The Dead Kennedys, step-singers, updating Wikipedia, seasons changing, Pappy's St. Louis BBQ, Pizza based improve, Matlock, Andy Griffith, escapism, horror of nature, Disney's Lemmings, COPS, renting SNICK, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Death Becomes Her, She-Devil, Roseanne, dumb parents on kids TV shows, The Simpsons, seeing people you know on TV, gameshows, amateur magicians, Punderdome, Square Dancing on TV, Murder She Wrote, hiding Klondike bars behind a false wall, The Kids in the Hall, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, replacing actors, Shelly Long, Troop Beverly Hills, Hello Again, Blossom, getting concreted out, Flight of the Navigator, the mind blowing revelation that ET is all of us, Rescue 911, getting "stuck" in a hot tub, women in stand up, Coach vs. Woody, when the dumb character can be way too dumb, the Simpsons, and Sharon Stone's bath problems.

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October 22-28, 1983

Today Ken welcomes journalist, comedian and head honcho at The Comics Comic, Sean McCarthy.

Ken and Sean discuss Sean's jetsetting lifestyle, business cards, the tunnels under Northeastern University, Remington Steele, Mr. Smith, bad reporting on AIDS, growing up in CT, four Worcesters, sports Man Caves, Lynn, Defunct Sports teams, betting on horses, James Bond, classic Halloween costumes, Cabbage Night, Diff'rent Strokes, cable boxes, Bizarre, Silver Spoons, The Third Eye on Nickelodeon, being mistaken for Zach Galifinakis, the Elks, bonerless Love Boat, Fantasy Island, CBS, Alice, ignoring Knight Rider, being a child of the 70s during the 80s, Midnight Run vs Midnight Express, Goodnight Beantown, Gail King, Football, SNL, Loren Michaels New Show, dirty joke books, the return of Richie Cunningham to Happy Days, Cocoon vs. Slash, 80s old people, Oh! Madeline, Real People, the Sci-Fi Ball, Elvira, the P.A. based beginnings of Sean's broadcasting career, Guiness Book of World Records, Facts of Life, Dom Delouise as a vigilante, Joey Lawrence's Gimme a Break debut, Mama's Family, We Got it Maid, Hunter, Sliders, Remote Control, latch key kids, Celtics season opener, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Garfield on the Town, short person solidarity, and Ken's love of Jennifer Slept Here.

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In this episode recorded live at Gary Sohmer's South Coast Comic Con at a long closed JC Penny at the Hanover Mall Ken welcomes Pete & Pete, Danny Tamberelli and Michael C Marona.

Ken, Danny and Mike discuss Pete and Pete reunions, nostalgia, The Beach Boys, US Patents, All That, Figured it Out, Nickelodeon, Tool & Die, Halloweenie, Mr. Slurm, Hal Hartley, Bacon Neck, Steve Buscemi, the Tarantino crossover, Inspector 34, Janitors, how Hunter S. Thompson was NOT on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Colombo, Home Alone, the lost Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 3 DVD set, setting fires, exploding honey bears, Slackers, Puppetry of the Penis, Suck/Jerk/Weed, Werewolf, the perils of Music Rights, Snow Dya and the wonders of Undressed.

Ken then welcomes Billy West to the stage to discuss Nick in the 90s along with Danny and Mike. They discuss Love and Rockets, the burping room, Toby Huss, MTV promos, the origins of Ren & Stimpy, Moxie, Malort, rejected scenes, censored scenes, sharing and office with the State, cosplaying, and getting into the voice over business.

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November 19-24, 1978

Today Ken welcomes writer, comedian, and world changer Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show) to the show.

Ken and Lizz discuss hotel based Pink Floyd listening sessions, hating the Doors, being non-parented in a chaotic household, growing up in Minneapolis, Husker Du, Prince, being roommates with Soul Asylum, life on the road for comics and bands, Boston's fantastic indie radio scene, when WMBR became WTBS, moving to San Francisco, Dana Gould, Kevin Meaney, Bobcat's on stage garage sale, Tales of the City, being babysat by the TV because you are the responsible kid, late night horror movies, Elvira, SCTV, Women of the Night hosted by Andrea Martin, The Holy City Zoo, how a rant about a terrible one night leads to career success, Robin Williams, Louie Anderson, setting up Roseanne and Tom, when Roseanne and Tom steal your car for three days, growing up with a parent who is a bookie, being tattoo-less, Foreign Lobbyists on TV, The Bible on TV, David Brinkley, JFK, why does TV Guide exist now?, Eleanor Roosevelt's articles in TV Guide, Crossword Puzzles, TV Bib, all the great white male heroes of the Bible, Pink Lady and Jeff, Cloris Leachman's Pilgrim show, the horror of Small Wonder, It's About Time, being terrified of space, Croissant talk, That Girl, loving the news as a kid, woman hating teaching advice, finding other girls who have your interests, the death of sideshows, why taking your country back is silly, taking vs sharing, good vs evil, It's a Wonderful Life, not being able to not be reflective, Fringe, appointment television, a tattoo of tattoo, gold tattoos, The Wizard of Oz, The Lady Parts Justice League, Variety Shows, The Monkees, The Beatles Cartoon, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and loving Prince.

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October 3-9, 1981

Today Ken welcomes actor, comedian, voice man Larry Murphy (Delocated, Assy McGee, Bob's Burgers) to the show.

Ken and Larry discuss Ken's strange house, growing up with 6 kids in the family, Jiffy Pop, microwave popcorn cancer, saying "weird" too much, Fall Preview, Manimal, lunchbox decisions, Sleestacks, Land of the Lost, Esperanto, second guessing the decision to show your kids Harry Potter, Uncle Granpa, being scared of production company idents, Embassy Pictures, MTM, Newhart, Valerie Bertinelli, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Walt Disney, Herbie the Love Bug, In Search of. The Amnityville Horror House, The Mandrell Sisters, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Tattoo replacement, racist and insensitive candy, video store hustle, dirty video stores, Eddie Murphy on SNL, talking animal chairs, ChPs, the golden age of stunts, wrestling snakes, Alice, Gambling problems, why cartoons can still be Blue Collar, King of the Hill, Bob's Burgers, Natures wrath as Xmas Ornaments, Mt. St. Helen's, Tiger Woods on That's Incredible at 5 years old, Helen Hunt as Kathy Miller, Monkey bartenders, Them Duke Boys, Three's Company, The Beverly Hillbillies Return, Real People, WKRP in Cincinnati, Two Parters, Alex Rocco, Facts of Life, Friends of Eddie Coyle, loving Robert Mitchum, Mork & Mindy get married, Bosom Buddies, and the Incredible Hulk Out List.

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June 19 - 25, 1999

Today Ken welcomes podcaster and comedian Kenice Mobley to the show.

Kenice and Ken discuss Oak Grove's Eastern Block aesthetic, the beige age, Charlotte North Carolina, Sleep Walk peeing, Secret restaurants, going into production, "Bougie", Ken's incredible whiteness, Dawson's Creek, racism, racism, dead dogs, 1999 vs. 2004, being an identical twin, Sister Sister, hunting Nazis, Brazilian twin villages, family  meals, Rugrats, SNICK, All That!, Marshall Law staring Sammo Hung, teaching Arsenio Hall Kung Fu, Hurricanes, waiving a sportspass, Mya vs. Aayliah, Behind the Music, E! True Hollywood Stories, TNT's Priates of Silicon Valley, how hoodies can equal death, aglets, X-Files, That 80s Show, punk rock, High School Jock Culture, Columbine, Ally McBeal, mud wrestling, Yelp! Reviews of Adult Businesses, Third Rock from the Sun, Eliza Dushku, Newsradio, Spin City, Heather Locklear, blondes vs brunettes, X-Games, dicks, strong thighs, gymnasts, Sportsnight, My Father the Hero, Dawson's Creek, Annette Funicello, David Cassidy, meeting Matthew Perry, the wonders of studio lots, TRL, Will & Grace, The PJs, the wonders of children's weirdness, KABLAAM!, Unsolved Mysteries, and why looking at everything as a dark comedy is the right approach.

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