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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 214: Brice Beckham

February 24 - March 2, 1990

Today Ken welcomes Actor/Writer Brice Beckham to the show.

Ken and Brice discuss Ken annoying Brice, The Challenger disaster, TV Movies, "Too soon", Rob Stone, hosting Saturday Morning Preview Specials, The Gummy Bears, Disney TV, Pound Puppies, starting as a radio ad man, Daws Butler, Dave Coulier as Richard Pryor, guesting starring on Alice, how small a TV studio seems when you first see it in person, Mr. Belvedere, growing up in Long Beach, staying out of the "teen actor" cliche game, mid-season replacements, S.O.S. (Save Our Shows), The "Manny" subgenre, Barney Miller, Bob Ueker, tone shifts, "Very Special Episodes", AIDS, The Hogan Family, the cruel Valerie producers, "Wesley's Friend", gallows humor, Network Upfronts, learning the ins and outs of the odd Network Affiliate system, ABC-TV, the Camp Counselor episode, Family Matters, Just the Ten of Us, having a crush on the Lubbock Babes, Growing Pains, 20th Century Fox, Sunset Gower Studios, It's Gary Shandling Show, Sister Kate, I Married Dora, 4th Wall Breaking mind blowers, The Charmings, Family Ties, Michael J. Fox, American Dreamer, Robert Urich, Boston's lies, Spencer for Hire, Dolly, the Dolly Parton Variety show from 1987, stage work, Charles in Charge, Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, I Hate My 30s, Animal Crack-Ups, Teen Win, Lose or Draw!, Hollywood Squares, Ken's favorite episode of Burn Notice, Mike Horowitz, Edinburgh Festival's Carnal Desire, Soft-Core TV, writing for Richard Roundtree, being a movie buff, being a loner, switchblade combs, endorsement deals from Nike, Two Teens and a Baby, gangs dance fighting, Maureen Flannigan, Kirk, Jodie Sweetin, Casey Ellison the hardest working kid in showbiz, Twin Peaks, The Outsiders, loving B-Horror, Up All Night, TCM, AMC, Paranormal Activity, Terrorvision, Nick at Nite, and an education from cable tv.

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In the first (and maybe only) mini-episode of TV Guidance Counselor Investigates, Ken explores the strange case of Mr. Rogers vs. The KKK

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 213: Phil Hopkins and Don Stratley of The Film Detective

Today Ken welcomes Don Stratley and Phil Hopkins of The Film Detective to the show.

Ken, Don and Phil discuss the wonders of stumbling on things, regional television, The Combat Zone, the case for curation, Horror Hosts, Simon's Sanctorum, Dana Hersey, The Movie Loft, TV38, Ask the Manager, shared experience, Cult Classics, Three Stooges, Creature Double Features, taking photos off your TV set, archiving long lost television, the future of media, Something Weird Video, Punk rock and grindhouse, Collector Culture, saving Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp, Carnival Magic, Mr. Big's Toyland, Ultraman, It's a Wonderful Life, The Twilight Zone, Dan Curtis, Made for TV Movies, The Cabot Theater, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Midnight Movies, Poor Devil, movie buff, Ed Wood Jr., Dana Gould, the wonders of context, the importance of sincerity, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the life and death of Irony, Rondo Hatton, streaming services, fetishistic Beta, The Giant Spider Invasion and a typical Saturday.

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In this episode recorded live at North East ComicCon on March 5, 2017 Ken sat on stage in an abandoned JC Penny and chatted with Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Mark Goddard (Lost in Space).

First up Ken chatted with Brendon about Psycho Beach Party, Three's Company, being a PA on Dave's World, growing up in LA, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, what he watches now, The Buffy Comic Book series, why Buffy and Xander never got together, the great dialog of Joss Whedon, Criminal Minds, hugging, dancing, and how Spike and Xander should star in a remake of "The Ropers".

Next up Ken chats with Mark Goddard about how he got to Hollywood, why you should never say you can ride a horse when you can't, The Rifleman, Lost in Space, how to talk your way onto a movie lot, what to do when robots catch fire, and being recognized without being recognized.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 212: Illeana Douglas

Today Ken welcomes author, actress, historian and all around great person Illeana Douglas to the show.

Ken and Illeana discuss L.A. seasons, Roger Corman, growing up in CT with only one channel - CBS, All in the Family, finding an early love of movies, Jason Robards in 1,000 Clowns, Illeana's mother having a TV Guide subscription, Soul Train, The Ghost of Frederick Douglass, Melvyn Douglas, being there for Being There, developing a love of classic Hollywood, Sam Fuller, Claude Raines in Phantom of the Opera, the revelation of color TV, Al Pacino filming Dog Day Afternoon, seeing location scenes being shot with Lucille Ball in Stone Pillow, Stir of Echoes, Richard Matheson, The Twilight Zone, why Saturday Night Live is a boys' thing, Chevy Chase movies, how VCRs changed everything, having cable in college, obsessing over the Museum of Broadcasting, King of Comedy, laserdiscs, elementary school sexual education films, living a life of being star struck, Dick Cavett, Lee Marvin, meeting Sid Caesar, George Segal, Walter Mathau and Elaine May in A New Leaf, Little Murders, the wonders of curation of television programming, NYC vs LA, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, rediscovering 1941, Second Looks, meeting Tony Curtis, Arthur, The Movie Loft, when TV becomes work movies become relaxation, Jerry Lewis, working at TCM and keeping Peter O'Toole's concrete covered towel.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 211: Gary Petersen

May 27 - June 2, 1995

Today Ken welcomes recently defected former Boston Comedian Gary Petersen to the show.

Ken and Gary discuss giant Moons, peeping in people's windows, Manhunter, Gary's age, Pamela Anderson, Baywatch, Traci Bingham, COPS, Facebook stalking, Boston Tanya's, the dump that is Quincy, boats, the horrors of 21st Century dating, Bringing Up Jack, SNICK, Ren & Stimpy, people who still say "NOT!", South Shore lingo,"Suck It", The Simpsons, Amy Fisher, 1995 Tabloid TV, Lois and Clarke - The New Adventures of Superman, Teri Hatcher, Brainsmasher: A Love Story, The Critic, Married...with Children, Stormy Weathers, My Wildest Dreams, the stand up comedians having sitcoms boom, Corvette K225, Deep Space 9, Melrose Place, the golden age of Video Rental Stores, a combination Hardware Store/Liquor Store, why violence is only ok in Action movies, WWF, how a teenage stand up comedian can fight inner city gangs in an After School Special, Casey Fraiser, CBS SchoolBreak, Rescue 9-1-1, Home Improvement, developing useful handy man skills, The Phantom Gourmet, getting shot on TV, yelling Meatball, Alien Autopsy, Mad About You, Fox TV hoaxes, busting scams, New York Undercover, Twilight Zone, 20/20, and learning a new vocab word "monomial".

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 210: Lenora Claire

August 13-19, 1988

Today Ken welcomes model, art curator, casting director and kindred spirit Lenora Claire to the show. Ken and Lenora discuss being a Reading Rainbow kid, appearing on Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, growing up in the Valley, The Sherman Oaks Galleria, The Brady Bunch House, Star 80, suave ALF, furries, a love of movies, growing up the daughter of a Dr, The Comish, being a Police Surgeon, Bachelor Party, Adrian Zmed, Revenge of the Nerds, Oingo Boingo, The Cramps, Tom Selleck as PT Barnum, Lonnie Anderson as Jane Mansfield, Lynda Carter as Rita Hayworth, Chopping Mall, Nightmares, earthquakes, the proper way to display samurai swords, Ninja III: The Domination, Farrah Fawcett, Extremities, The Burning Bed, Haunted Honeymoon vs. High Spirits, Howard the Duck, Messiah of Evil, condoms, Near Dark vs The Lost Boys, Joshua Miller, Malibu Bikini Shop, USA Up All Night, the rapey-ness of Revenge of the Nerds, Mel Brooks, Spaceballs, an insomnia fueled pop culture education, Night Flight, Another State of Mind, being one of the USA Network's Characters that are welcome, Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, being paid to be in the audience, Goth Teens, pranking the Hughleys, appearing in Marilyn Manson and George Michaels music videos, Steven Spielberg's aversion to sex, casting MTV's True Life, She's the Sheriff, The Thighmaster vs. The Gutbuster, My So-Called Life, Zoobilie Zoo, SCTV, Elvira : Mistress of the Dark, Paul Reubens, Reality TV, The Real World, the educational power of television, creating anti-stalker laws, Fight Back! with David Horowitz, Wally George, DC Follies, and Beverly Hills Teens. 

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 209: Rose McGowan

Today Ken welcomes writer, producer, director, actor Rose McGowan to the show.

Ken and Rose discuss "The Californians", the upcoming Apocalypse, growing up in the Adams Family, Italian Culture vs. American "culture", big families, vomit stories, the footwear of backwoods Oregon, being discovered while looking at butts, revival houses, Lawrence of Arabia, classic Hollywood cinema, having an Uncle who owns a video store, C.H.U.D., The Parent Trap, Hollywood child actors, never getting to be yourself, desensitization from horror, Conan the Barbarian, the relationship between comedy and horror, thinking about the effect your work has on the world, the stupidity of men in Hollywood, awful Bro-Frat Boys running things, hack lite, Hollywood not knowing what to do with you, fighting to be creative in a business, sincerity in art, Lonesome Dove, event Television, media based on books, Tiger attacks on Circus of the Stars, Idiocracy, Made for TV movies, turning things down, Charmed, "V", the long gone days of actual Liberal Hollywood, the killing of Cinema, Rose's movie "Dawn", BBC, The Lobster, the lack of rogues and renegades, why one should have a landline for 9-1-1, movie taglines, Planet Terror, opening lines of novels, Electric Boogaloo, Cannon Pictures, and why everyone should by Robert Evans' The Kid Stays in the Picture as an audio book.

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 208: Eliza Skinner

August 4-10, 1990

Today Ken welcomes comedian Eliza Skinner to the show.

Ken and Eliza discuss sandwiches, the horrors of Miracle Whip, deep fried Danger, LA Air Traffic, PBS's Mystery, Edward Gory, pull-out couch culture, hiding in the clothing racks at department stores, 90s Nails, The Franklin mint, perfecting Beanie Babies, binging on friends' cable, Yo! MTV Raps, Richmond, VA, Anne of Green Gables, comedians in dramatic roles, Jacob's Ladder, Twin Peaks, Growing Pains, Ducktails, Gummy Bears, having a "type", a love of eyebrows, Designing Women, Audrey Horne, being a Jo, but wanting to be a Blair, Murphy Brown, Who's the Boss's Mona, Roseanne, Night Court, Barney Miller, high school shop club pranks, 21 Jump St, pushing Grieco, My Two Dads, wanting to have a stop light in your bedroom, Made for-TV Movie "I'm Dangerous Tonight", Embryo, Cheers, Monty Python, Ripping Yarns, Grand, Quantum Leap, loving Julie Brown, meeting Geena Davis, and avoiding TGIF.

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TV Guidance Counselor 3rd Anniversary Episode: Sean Sullivan guest hosts with guest guest Ken Reid

In this episode recorded this very week Sean Sullivan guests hosts as Ken Reid guest guests to discuss THIS week in Television 2017. 

Hear Ken Reid try to pretend he pays attention to current affairs, as Sean swears and they both reminisce about the past guests on the show, the early days of the show and the general state of the world.

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