TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

March 4-10, 1995

Today Ken welcomes comedian and Boston ex-pat Kyle Ploof to the show.

Ken and Kyle talk about opioids, Weymouth MA, The Movie "BLOW", awful Irish plus other ethnicity bars, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Halloween costumes, hugging Scott Baio at the Liberty Tree mall, meeting costumed characters who are imposters, Santa fighting the Abominable Snowman, Ken's teenage love of Claire Danes, creepy crushes, Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th, being terrorized by your father on weekends, NY vs LA, wiggling why you watch, A.I.D.S., Slim Goodbody, The Mommies, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, having a clown thing, The Critic, Married with Children, Vice Versa, body switching, not being allowed to interact with girls, hating three camera sitcoms, Roseanne, MTV's Oddities starring The Head, Ultraman, love of bathrooms, Grace Under Fire, being beaten to death with a hammer, Unsolved Mysteries, The George Wendt show as Car Talk, The Cosby Mysteries, Wheel of Fortune, game shows, Living Single, obstacle courses, Breaking Bad, "he's killing me", the 90s obsession with VR, and nudity on TV

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Today Ken welcomes star of trading spaces and the current North Shore Music theater production of Mame, Paige Davis to the show.

Ken and Page discuss theater in the round, multi-cam sitcoms, All In the Family, Cheers, The Big Bang Theory, West Side Story, gymnastics, growth spurts, golden doors of Broadway, Chicago, Mame, racy TV Guide Covers, Bob Hope, Zoom, funding the arts, School House Rock, The Electric Company, Blackish, Will and Grace, Bebe Neuwirth, The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Debbie Reynolds, fame, game shows, being on Oprah, The Bachelor, Orange is the New Black and the greatness of Tom Bergeron.

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Today Ken welcomes DJ, actor, writer, producer and all around legend Shadoe Stevens to the show.

Ken and the Shadoe discuss "Oofda", North Dakota, being a child DJ, the hell that is Boston, Mayor White, "Ya I saw it", Cabo Wabo radio, living in the future, DIY life, Federated, WRKO 680, Dave Garroway, being the youth correspondent, hosting "Gazebo", Steve Allen, re-writing the Thief of Baghdad, time travel, enraging fake psychics, theater of the Mind, American Top 40, being your friend in the void, KROQ, Hollywood Squares, Traxx, Max Monroe Loose Cannon, being the original host of The Midnight Special, Sam Kinison, Kentucky Fried Movie, turning down Airplane, drive time, your brain's predisposition to negativity, how sometimes things just work out, Dave's World, becoming a children's author, Atlanta, and how you never know who is watching your career.

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Today Ken welcomes comedian and "My Favorite Murder" co-host Karen Kilgariff to the show.

Ken and Karen discuss Northeast accents, The Wizard of Oz, Ray Boulger, growing up in Northern California, John Ennis, The Wahlbergs, Hellzapoppin, chain dining, futons, being trapped in an elevator, Family Ties, Billy Vera and the Beaters, Scott Baio vs Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Travolta, Jackie Stallone's Foxy Boxing, Ricky Schroeder, Silver Spoons, childhood crushes, funny cars, CHiPs, stunning Hollywood inhumans, The Famous Teddy Z, stealing office supplies, Webster, Rick Dees, three camera sitcoms, Barney Miller, Cheers, WKRP in Cincinnati, The Ally McBeal period, kids fathers yelling at them in front of you, Made for TV Movies, Bill, How's Your News, Zoom, developmental disabilities in media, laughing at the right thing, satire vs. poorface, Married...with Children, Threads, Whoops!, The Day After, Testament, When the Wind Blows, Atomic Blonde, Tabitha Takes Over, shock humor and fake worship of serial killers, hating McMob movies, Boondock Saints, The Little House on the Prairie "mime rape" episode, Twin Peaks, British mysteries, Chris Elliot in Manhunter, and why Martin Short is the greatest thing ever.

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Today Ken welcomes author and fellow TV junkie Scott Ryan back to the show.

Ken and Scott discuss Scott's new book, The Last Days of Letterman, available for pre-order now, an oral history of the final six weeks of David Letterman's CBS show.

Ken and Scott also discuss the Twin Peaks finale, Roseanne, the nature of reboots, the value of Late Nite TV, daily habits, the storytelling difficulties of finales, and what they are both watching now. 

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Today Ken welcomes writer, comic book royalty and world's leading Superman expert Mark Waid to the show.

Ken and Mark discuss the casual celebrity of Los Angeles, growing up in rural Alabama, the loss of the Boston Romper Room's franchise, central time people, The Newlywed Game, why the prizes were so unimpressive, Monty Hall and Let's Make a Deal, The Prisoner, Spy Shows, the power of heart and sincerity, My Three Sons, Leave it to Beaver Monster Sweatshirts, what holds up, The Andy Griffith Show, Maybery R.F.D., Car 54 Where Are You?, Christmas Episodes, breaking the 4th wall, I Married Dora, incidental music, theme songs, Vic Mizzy, slumming on TV, variety shows, Batman '66, which came first comics or TV?, Lost in Space, Superboy, The Cain-iacs, Captain America: The Musical, Ken Barry, retooling, Archie Bunker's Place, Facts of Life, Family Affair, invisible friends, It Takes a Thief, Robert Wagner, micro film, micro dots, why spy shows were the new Western, Land of the Giants, Wild Wild West, When Where Why, Wonder Woman's Emma Peele phase, Mr. Mind, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Invaders, color TV, why Glen Campbell replaced the Smothers Brothers, Pat Paulson for President, Green Acres, The Flying Nun, the origin of "Gidget", animated series based on live action shows, time travel, in space, in a band, The Rifleman, Branded, Elseworlds, Kingdom Come, Marvel's "What If?", Ken's dream Ghost Writer TV series, Daniel Boone, Davey Crocket, Hex 2000, the tragedy of the Wild Wild West movie, Get Smart!, The Banana Splits, Saturday Morning Preview Shows, and the longevity of The Simpsons.

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Today Ken welcomes actor, activist and health and fitness expert Alexandra Paul to the show.

Ken and Alexandra discuss living without television, rural New England, being an identical twin, the Cassidys, Parker Stephenson, Baywatch, the small world of entertainment, teen magazines, how asking a teenage boy to turn off Charlie's Angels lead to the death of a television set, the boob tube, keeping TV in the closet, having cable for one month, Tour De France, modeling, Paper Dolls, Canadian tax shelter horror films, Eric Stoltz, the wonders of books, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander, Harlan Ellison, fightin' fires, the blue collar world of acting, the Kemp Brothers, Spandau Ballet, Grace Jones, being professional, Perry Mason, Debbie Reynolds, Christine, the move from television to movies, Michael J Fox, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, George Clooney, confusing Robert Wagner with Roger Moore, the secrets motivation behind Ken, Lifetime movies, the slant towards men on television, the unheralded feminism of Baywatch, how to sell gay movies to homophobic countries, Here TV, Lee Majors, Farrah Fawcett, Starkey and Hutch, Paul Michael Glaser, Anson Williams, Donnie Most, the problems with keeping your health insurance, Happy Days, Gilligan's Island, going into directing, the history of Baywatch, Baywatch Nights (!), representing people on television, the talent available in under represented populations, how hard working Pamela Anderson is,the amazingness of David Hasselhoff, Angie Harmon, 8 Million Ways to Die, never watching your own stuff, and producing Free the Animals.

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November 17-23, 1990

Today Ken welcomes director, writer, producer and old tape trading friend Yarnel Nicolas to the show.

Ken and Yarnel discuss local Boston Shows, Goodnight Beantown, Chett and Natalie, RD Sahl, WLVI TV56, Jeopardy, the Death of Jim Henson, networks switching affiliations, RTG, Fox TV, Cartoons, Fox Kids, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Marky Mark, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, Almost Live, Wise Guy, Beyond 2000, Star Search, True Colors, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Stephen King's IT mini-series, fear of clowns, Bobby's World and it's connection to Good Grief, Married...with Children, Vinny and Bobby and Top of the Heap, Acme Crime Net, Sitcom City, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, Tabloid TV, Murphy Brown, The Reporters, Dawn Hayes, the lottery, Mr. Rogers, Child World's Video Toy Chest, The Simpsons, Prime Time Pets, Babes, A Different World, Penn and Teller, Wings, the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Cheering and Jeering.

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August 22-28, 1981

Today Ken welcomes actor Annabeth Gish (X-Files, Mystic Pizza) to the show.

Ken and Annabeth discuss the weather, Iowa, Ann Jillian, playing yourself in a TV movie, variety TV, triple threats, Shag, kids and screen time, Fantasy Island, fear of Mr. Rourke, Love Boat, Austin City Limits, Shawn Colvin, PBS, the problems with binges, The X-Files, Monster of the Week, Fringe, Mystic Pizza, re-playing characters, family time, the TV premier of The Way We Were, Streisand, Wonderful World of Disney, Astronaut and Son/Hero in the Family, being a reader, narrowcasting, WGBH, Zoom, how people act on camera, Sesame Street, The Electric Company, The Muppets, first run syndication, the power of music and visual in learning, Providence RI, Brotherhood, Connie Selica, Invitation to Hell, The Facts of Life, Tom Selleck, Ann-Margaret, Burt Reynolds, Square Pegs, sequel shows, The Karate Kid, Twin Peaks, why you can't go home again, The West Wing and Scandal.

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April 18-24, 1998

In this episode recorded LIVE! at the 2018 Women in Comedy Festival Ken welcomes comedians Erin Maguire and Becca Brown to the show.

Ken, Erin and Becca discuss school scare programs, Prom Season, Ken hanging out in the teacher's lounge, Manic Panic, goth culture, rockabilly dresses, "The Interruption", Man Ray, Guy Fieri, Al Pacino, Ouja Boards, tarot cards, HBO, ghosts, creepy kids, The Entity, the conpeople who are The Warrens, School of Rock, pitching 50 Shades Darker, Golden Girls, actors we are scared of, Little Shop of Horrors, All That, Kablam!, SNICK, the perils of acting, wanting to see people fail, Parker Brothers, Disney movies, Behind the Music, The Gnome Mobile, Rock of Love, FM Radio, modern country music, being fooled by Christians, angry Boston mechanical bull riders, Kurt Russel, betting on when people will die, Elvis, Charo, The Surreal Life, NKOTB, Step By Step, The trumpet of a human being, Shelly Long, MeToo, The Cosby Show, posing nude, nipples, Soul Man, Gilda, Jane Curtain, ESPN2, Things to do in Devner when You're Dead, Eric Stoltz, The Olsen Twins, Papa Popadolopis, Troll 2, All Cried Out, Danny Wood's "dumb voice", and appearing on WHDH 7 Boston's "Ready to Go".


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